Those Engaging Garretts/The Single Dad's Second Chance/A Wife for One Year/The Daddy Wish

Those Engaging Garretts/The Single Dad's Second Chance/A Wife for One Year/The Daddy Wish

Those Engaging Garretts! #4

by Brenda Harlen

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2021-02-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781867225331


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The Single Dad’s Second Chance

Dear Diary,

Today I met my new mummy! Well, I wish Rachel would be my new mommy. See, I love my daddy a lot but ever since my real mommy died I think he’s been very lonely. I know he loves me but grandma says he needs a wife just like I need a mommy, and grandma is always right. Grandpa says so! Rachel is so pretty and she has the coolest job — she owns the flower shop in town! She promised to show me how to make a bouquet!

My best friend Kristy says daddy should take Rachel out on dates and then they hafta kiss and then they can get married. Diary, I wish Rachel would like my daddy and me as much as I like her. Maybe if she did, she would want to be my mummy and join our family. Maybe if I close my eyes and wish hard, it will come true...

A Wife For One Year

To claim his trust fund and launch a new career, Daniel needs to be married...and no one can tick all the ‘wifely’ boxes like Kenna. And since she’s his best friend, the celibacy part should be a piece of (wedding) cake! Or so Daniel thinks...until he hears the words that make him freeze: ‘You may kiss your bride.’ One official kiss has the former confirmed bachelor unplanned night with his virgin bride has him staggering. Will it be the end of an era for the two best friends...or will a surprise pregnancy make the two become three...for keeps?

The Daddy Wish

The holidays are over, but Allison Caldwell can’t stop thinking about the kiss she shared with Nathan Garrett under the mistletoe. The dazzlingly attractive playboy she’s secretly crushed on for years isn’t just off limits because he’s out of her league. The heir apparent to the Garrett furniture empire is about to be crowned CFO — and the single mother’s new boss!

One night changed everything for Nathan. And now his executive assistant is strictly hands-off despite their intense physical attraction. Besides, Allison has a son, and Nathan’s no family man. Then why is Nathan’s head suddenly filled with fantasies of being a father? Perhaps this once-happy bachelor won’t be single for long...

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Brenda Harlen

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