Taming Her Brooding Doc/Engaged to the Doctor Sheikh/A Miracle for the Baby Doctor/From Bachelor to Daddy

Taming Her Brooding Doc/Engaged to the Doctor Sheikh/A Miracle for the Baby Doctor/From Bachelor to Daddy

The Halliday Family #2

by Meredith Webber


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2021-03-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781867225355


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Engaged To The Doctor Sheikh

Exile or marriage, the choice is hers...

Sheikh Tariq al Askeba knows Lila Halliday is trouble. From the moment the Australian pediatric doctor arrives wearing an ancient amulet stolen from his family years before, scandal precedes her.

Lila is stunned to discover the sordid history of her birth mother’s pendant. She came to Karuba to discover her true heritage, not set the whole palace in uproar! Knowing there’s no other way to quell the upheaval Tariq gives her a shocking ultimatum: leave...or become his desert bride!

A Miracle For The Baby Doctor

Conceived in paradise...

When beautiful embryologist Fran Hawthorne is offered the opportunity to work for a month on a Pacific island, she seizes the chance to escape the humiliation of her ex-husband’s betrayal.

But Fran isn’t prepared for Steve Ransome, the handsome doctor heading the clinic and, after years of struggling to conceive with her ex, Fran is tempted to give in to the pure passion that burns between them. Only their ‘temporary’ fling results in her carrying the child she thought she’d never have...

From Bachelor To Daddy

Can he let go of the past...and commit to the future — as a dad?

Paramedic Marty Graham doesn’t do commitment — he knows all too well how damaging family life can be. But single mum Dr Emma Crawford is different, and she’s looking for a dad for her adorable twin boys. Will one night of sizzling passion change everything for Marty and Emma?

About the author

Meredith Webber

Meredith Webber

Previously a teacher, pig farmer, and builder (among other things), Meredith Webber turned to writing medical romances when she decided she needed a new challenge. Once committed to giving it a “real” go she joined writers’ groups, attended conferences and read every book on writing she could find. Teaching a romance writing course helped her to analyze what she does, and she believes it has made her a better writer. Readers can email Meredith at: mem@onthenet.com.au
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