Brides Of Convenience/Rescued by the Viscount/Chosen by the L

Brides Of Convenience/Rescued by the Viscount/Chosen by the L

Regency Brides of Convenience #1

by Anne Herries

Deal Price: $7.99

Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2021-04-01

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781867230045


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Rescued By The Viscount

Charlotte Stevens has one Season to find a husband!

Her father’s fortune squandered, it’s up to Charlotte to secure a match and save her family from ruin. But nobody could be more surprised than her when Captain Viscount Delsey — whose reputation for breaking hearts is only exceeded by his wealth — proposes marriage.

Recognising Charlotte as the urchin he rescued late one night, Jack’s interest is piqued by this captivating adventuress. He makes an impulsive offer — he’ll clear her father’s debts if she’ll give him heirs!

Chosen By The Lieutenant

She has his hand, but not his heart...

Amanda Hamilton’s fortune means she’s not short of marriage offers, despite her unfashionable figure! But there’s only one man she wants for her husband, the dashing Lieutenant Peter Phipps who is in dire financial straits. Amanda knows Phipps doesn’t love her, but when he proposes she accepts — unable to resist the chance to live her dreams.

Their burgeoning relationship surprises everyone, especially Phipps, who discovers that his sweet, sensible fiancée is also brave and passionate. Suddenly, the role of dutiful husband looks a lot more attractive!

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