Regency Arrandale Redemption/Return of the Runaway/The Outcast's Redemption

Regency Arrandale Redemption/Return of the Runaway/The Outcast's Redemption

The Infamous Arrandales #3

by Sarah Mallory


Imprint: Mills & Boon Regency Series

Release date: 2021-06-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781867234043


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Return Of The Runaway

‘It seemed such an adventure to elope...’

Lady Cassandra Witney once left behind everything she knew for love. Now, widowed, disillusioned and stranded in France, all she wants is to return to England, beg forgiveness of her family and forget about men forever!

But Cassie’s resolve never to fall for a man again is tested when fugitive Raoul Doulevant offers to escort her on her journey. Infuriating he may be, but he’s also honourable, brave and dangerously attractive! Perhaps Raoul could give this runaway the home she’s been yearning for...

The Outcast’s Redemption

‘I have come back to prove my innocence, if I can.’

Ten years ago, Wolfgang Arrandale was discovered standing over the body of his wife. Forced to run, he has lived as a fugitive ever since, doing anything to survive. But now the revelation that he’s a father compels him to prove his innocence!

Parson’s daughter, Grace Duncombe, is intrigued by the wild stranger who arrives one night seeking refuge. It’s clear Wolf hides many secrets, but she’s drawn to him like no other. And soon she must defend this honourable outcast whatever the cost!

About the author

Sarah Mallory

Sarah Mallory

Sarah Mallory lives in an old farmhouse on the edge of the Yorkshire Pennines and writes historical romantic adventures.  She has had over 20 books published and her Harlequin Historicals have won the  RoNA Rose Award in 2012 and 2013.  Sarah loves to hear from readers! Contact her via her website at:
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