A Consummate Match/An Unexpected Countess/One Week to Wed

A Consummate Match/An Unexpected Countess/One Week to Wed

Secret Lives of the Ton #3

by Laurie Benson

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2021-05-05

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781867234050


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An Unexpected Countess

'Dash it, Miss Forrester, what are you doing up here?'

The Earl of Hartwick delights in scandalizing the ton with his behaviour. But it's his turn to be scandalised when, on an escapade, he bumps into Miss Sarah Forrester - in the rain, at night, on a rooftop!

Sarah is hunting for a diamond, and the last thing she needs is the infuriating Hart distracting her. But he's looking for the jewel, too! They may be rivals, but the sparks between them are uncontrollable. And soon Sarah finds herself longing for another treasure - becoming Hart's countess!

One Week To Wed

One stolen night...leads to unexpected wedding vows!

Widowed Lady Charlotte Gregory believes she'll never marry again after losing her husband. Until meeting dashing Lord Andrew Pearce brings her respectable, lonely world back to vibrant life! Left alone one night, they give in to their desires only to find their secret passion leads to shock, scandal...and a sudden marriage of convenience!

About the author

Laurie Benson

Laurie Benson

Laurie Benson is an award-winning historical romance author. Her novel An Unexpected Countess was voted Harlequin's 2017 Hero of the Year. She began her writing career as an advertising copywriter, where she learned more than you could ever want to know about hot dogs and credit score reports. When she isn't at her laptop avoiding laundry, Laurie can be found browsing museums or taking ridiculously long hikes with her husband and two sons. For more info go to: lauriebenson.net.
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