Outback Hope/The Baby Emergency/The Bush Doctor's Challenge/The Doctor's Outback Baby

Outback Hope/The Baby Emergency/The Bush Doctor's Challenge/The Doctor's Outback Baby

Tennengarrah Clinic #1

by Carol Marinelli

Deal Price: $7.99

Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2021-06-02

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867234463


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The Baby Emergency

When Shelly Weaver returns to the children’s ward for her first night shift as a single mom, she discovers it’s also Dr Ross Bodey’s first night back. He’s been working in the Outback, but on discovering Shelly’s newly single status he’s returned — for her!

Shelly didn’t know Ross was in love with her — until now. And suddenly Ross is asking her to change her life forever. But Shelly has her son to consider, although he is falling in love with Ross as quickly as Shelly is...

The Bush Doctor’s Challenge

Dr Abby Hampton is the ultimate city doctor, and is absolutely dreading being stuck in a bush hospital for three months — until she steps off the plane! Midwife Kell Bevan is there to greet her and he’s absolutely gorgeous! The sexual chemistry between the pair is ignited. But Abby is determined not to get involved because her life is in the city. But each dramatic medical emergency pushes their proximity and emotions to the breaking point — Kell has fallen in love with Abby and he’s not afraid to admit it! Will Abby take up Kell’s challenge — to stay in the Outback and become his bride?

The Doctor’s Outback Baby

When a new and very English doctor, Timothy Morgan, strolls into Tennengarrah on a temporary assignment, nurse Clara Watts finds her life running out of control. In the scorching heat of the Outback Clara and Tim are thrown together in life-or-death situations, and find themselves hurtling toward an exciting affair. What will happen when Clara discovers she’s pregnant?

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