Lonetree Ranchers

Lonetree Ranchers

Lonetree Ranchers #3

by Kathie Denosky

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

Release date: 2021-06-16

Pages: 150 Pages

ISBN: 9781867236153


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The Honourable Cowboy: Colt Wakefield. His Profile: Intrepid, impassioned and irresistible. His Soft Spot: His newly discovered daughter

All it took was one glance at the toddler in Kaylee Simpson’s arms for Colt to know the two-year-old was his. Duty demanded that he do right by mother and child so he swept them off to his ranch to set up house. Trouble was, spending day and night in such close proximity with beautiful Kaylee made the rodeo heartthrob realise that she still stoked his passion and commandeered his dreams. Although Kaylee resisted her attraction to him with all her might, he knew he’d do almost anything to win her trust and claim her as his own, once and for all!

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