Historical Box Set Sept 2021/Lady Olivia's Forbidden Protector/Stranded with the Reclusive Earl/A Scandal at Midnight/Marriage Deal with the De

Historical Box Set Sept 2021/Lady Olivia's Forbidden Protector/Stranded with the Reclusive Earl/A Scandal at Midnight/Marriage Deal with the De

Secrets of the Duke's Family #2

by Christine Merrill, Annie Burrows, Eva Shepherd, Millie Adams


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2021-08-18

Pages: 768 Pages

ISBN: 9781867239000


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Mills & Boon Historical — Your romantic escape to the past.

Lady Olivia’s Forbidden Protector - Christine Merrill

Determined to marry on her own terms, Lady Olivia Bethune has arranged a convenient elopement, but her plot is scuppered when Michael Solomon is hired to watch over her. Her jaded protector stirs a grudging respect — and illicit desire — in Liv. Their stolen kisses have her believing both love and her freedom might be possible. Can she convince Michael that he’s not just another play for her independence?

Stranded With The Reclusive Earl - Eva Shepherd

Seeking shelter in a storm, Lady Iris Springfeld arrives at the doorstep of Theo Crighton, the grumpy Earl of Greystone. Discovering he has shut himself away since the fire that took his eyesight, Iris uses her sunny optimism to counter his dourness. Theo is the first man to appreciate her for herself, not her looks or social connections. Now can she be the one to bring him back to life?

A Scandal At Midnight - Annie Burrows

After a disastrous first Season, Lady Daisy Patterdale is relieved to be back home with her books. Looking for peace, she rows out to the island on the lake where she encounters Captain Lord Benjamin Bramhall — who’s been tricked and left there with no clothes! It’s a scandalous encounter which rushes them straight to the altar… But, despite her unwillingness to wed, Daisy’s drawn to charismatic Benjamin. If only he felt more for her than duty…

Marriage Deal With The Devilish Duke - Millie Adams

Lady Beatrice finally has a plan to escape her controlling brother by compromising herself with a gentleman friend, so they are forced to wed. But things go awry when she accidentally throws herself at the wrong man! Now she is honour-bound to marry the Duke of Brigham, her brother’s outrageous best friend. It’s not the safe, secure match she’d planned on — for he has sparked something in her untouched soul that explodes into flame!

About the author

Christine Merrill

Christine Merrill

Christine Merrill wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. During a stint as a stay-at-home-mother, she decided it was time to “write that book.” She could set her own hours and would never have to wear pantyhose to work! It was a slow start but she slogged onward and seven years later, she got the thrill of seeing her first book hit the bookstores. Christine lives in Wisconsin with her family. Visit her website at: www.christine-merrill.com
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Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows

Annie Burrows love of stories meant that when she was old enough to go to university, she chose English literature. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do beyond that, but one day, she began to wonder if all those daydreams that kept her mind occupied whilst carrying out mundane chores, would provide similar pleasure to other women. She was right… and Annie hasn’t looked back since.Readers can sign up to Annie's newsletter at www.annie-burrows.co.uk
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