Quills - A Beguiling Proposal/The Cinderella Governess/The Secret Marriage Pact

Quills - A Beguiling Proposal/The Cinderella Governess/The Secret Marriage Pact

The Governess Tales #1

by Georgie Lee


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2021-09-01

Pages: 456 Pages

ISBN: 9781867239048


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The Cinderella Governess

Joanna Radcliff has always dreamed of the day when she’d become a governess and finally be part of a proper family. Except, instead of a warm welcome, she’s given a frosty reception by her employers — and her charges! The only person who pays her any attention is the dashing Major Preston...

Despite their stolen conversations and tantalising glances in the ballroom, Luke and Joanna know that their stations in life are just too different. But when this Cinderella governess’s life is transformed and their roles are reversed, will they risk everything to be together?

The Secret Marriage Pact

Jane Rathbone is used to being left behind and no longer believes she deserves happiness. But when childhood friend Jasper Charton returns from the Americas, more dangerously sexy than ever, she has a proposition. She’ll give him the property he needs if he’ll give her a new future — by marrying her!

Jasper never imagined taking a wife, but wonders if loyal Jane could be his redemption. And when their marriage brings tantalising pleasures, convenient vows blossom into a connection that could heal them both...

About the author

Georgie Lee

Georgie Lee

Georgie Lee loves combining her passion for history and storytelling through romantic fiction. She began writing professionally at a local TV station before moving to Hollywood to work in the entertainment industry.  When not writing, Georgie enjoys reading non-fiction history and watching any movie with a costume and an accent. Please visit  www.georgie-lee.com for more information about Georgie and her books. 
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