The Wildest Ride/Cowboy After Dark

The Wildest Ride/Cowboy After Dark

A Closed Circuit Novel #1

by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Marcella Bell


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2021-10-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867240518


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The Wildest Ride - Marcella Bell

At thirty-six, undefeated rodeo champion AJ Garza is supposed to be retiring, not chasing after an all-new closed-circuit rodeo tour with a million-dollar prize. But with the Houston rodeo program that saved him as a wayward teen on the brink of bankruptcy, he’ll compete. And he’ll win.

Enter Lilian Sorrow Island. Raised by her grandparents on the family ranch in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Lil is more a cowboy than city boy AJ will ever be. It shows. She’s not about to let him steal the prize that’ll save her ranch, even if he is breathtakingly magnificent, in pretty much every way going.

The world watches on as reality TV meets rodeo in a competition like no other. In front of the cameras, Lil and AJ are each other’s biggest rivals. Off-screen, it’s about to get a whole lot more complicated…

Cowboy After Dark - Vicki Lewis Thompson

There’s a wedding happening at Thunder Mountain Ranch, and cowboy Liam Magee couldn’t be happier for his foster brother. Of course, the occasion just got a whole heap more interesting now that gorgeous Hope Caldwell is a guest at the ranch. After regarding him warily, the sexy blonde has started looking at Liam like he’s one ride she couldn’t possibly resist…

It’s true. Hope can’t seem to keep her eyes (and her sexy thoughts) from the blue-eyed hotness that is Liam Magee. She’ll never let herself believe in love and happy endings — she learned that lesson the hard way — but why can’t she have a little fun while she’s on vacation? After all, there’s only so much trouble one cowboy can cause in a week…especially once the sun sets!

About the author

Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vicki Lewis Thompson

New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson's love affair with cowboys started with the Lone Ranger, continued through Maverick and took a turn south of the border with Zorro. Fortunately for her, she lives in the Arizona desert, where broad-shouldered, lean-hipped cowboys abound.  Visit her website at
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