Medical Box Set Oct 2021/Starting Over with the Single Dad/Reunited by Her Twin Revelation/Twins for the Neurosurgeon/The Doctor's Reunion to

Medical Box Set Oct 2021/Starting Over with the Single Dad/Reunited by Her Twin Revelation/Twins for the Neurosurgeon/The Doctor's Reunion to

by Annie Claydon, Tina Beckett, Amy Ruttan, Louisa Heaton, Juliette Hyland, Shelley Rivers


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2021-09-15

Pages: 1128 Pages

ISBN: 9781867240747


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Mills & Boon Medical — Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Starting Over With The Single Dad - Tina Beckett

For ex-Army Surgeon Mysti, a return to Forgotten Point was not on the cards…until a tragic accident whilst on duty leads her home. Her physical wounds may have healed, but it’s the invisible scars that remain. So the last thing that Mysti needs is to bump into Dr Jesse: her unexpected new colleague and the one that got away. Now, Jesse’s a single dad with his own hidden pain. Can they heal — together?

Reunited By Her Twin Revelation - Shelley Rivers

Nurse Thurza had pictured this day thousands of times. The day that Dr Logan would return. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the real thing. Why? Well, when a mix-up led a broken-hearted Thurza to falsely believe that he had abandoned her and their unborn babies, she said goodbye to Logan — forever. But as their past and the truth begins to unravel, will Thurza let Logan back in?

Twins For The Neurosurgeon - Louisa Heaton

Top neurosurgeons Samantha Gordon and Yanis Baptiste spend one unforgettable night together in Paris. Their reunion in London proves even more explosive when they discover Sam is pregnant…with twins! Neither Sam nor Yanis is prepared for parenthood, but those two tiny heartbeats could help them find the family neither of them believed they would ever have…

The Doctor’s Reunion To Remember - Annie Claydon

Former workaholic Dr Gil Alexander is happy with the slower-paced life he was forced to adopt following his traumatic brain injury. The only things missing are his memories of just before the accident. But when Dr Clemmie Francis is temporarily assigned to his rehabilitation center, he can’t shake the feeling he’s met this captivating yet cautious doctor before…and that this isn’t the first time he’s experienced their explosive chemistry!

Falling For His Runaway Nurse - Amy Ruttan

Brooding Thatcher Bell enjoys the anonymity of life as a cruise ship doctor. But when beautiful Lacey Greenwood storms into his life — wearing a wedding dress! — to take up the vacant post as nurse, he’s blindsided by their instant chemistry. Lacey is obviously escaping something and Thatcher recognises some of the pain she’s hiding behind her dazzling smile. But as they set sail, there’s no way of running from their real and ever growing feelings!

Reawakened At The South Pole - Juliette Hyland

ER Nurse Helena Mathews wants just one thing…to show her parents that she’s no longer the fragile, premature baby they cradled in the NICU. Her new South Pole-based job is the perfect way to break free! But Dr Carter Simpson’s arrival proves that you can’t just erase the past. Her one-time best friend may have left without a trace after a life-altering discovery, but he never left Helena’s heart…

About the author

Tina Beckett

Tina Beckett

A three-time Golden Heart finalist, Tina Beckett is the product of a navy upbringing. Always on the move, her travels eventually took her outside of the United States, where English reading material was scarce. Her supply of books eventually ran out, and she started writing her own stories, fashioned after the romance novels she'd loved through the years. She finished that first book and moved on to the next.After the fourth manuscript, she realised there was no going back...she was officially a writer. When not in the middle of her latest book, Tina enjoys crafting stained glass panels, riding horses...
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Amy Ruttan

Amy Ruttan

Born and raised just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. After the birth of her second child, Amy was lucky enough to realize her life long dream of becoming a romance author. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three wonderful children who use her as a personal taxi and chef.
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Louisa Heaton

Louisa Heaton

I'm a married mother of four (including a set of twins) and I live on an island in Hampshire. When not wrangling my children, husband or countless animals, I can often be found walking along the beach muttering to myself, as I work out plot points.In my spare time, I read a lot, quilt and patchwork, usually when I ought to be doing something else.
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