Intrigue Box Set Nov 2021/Texas Stalker/Stay Hidden/Find Me/K-9 Patrol/Deadly Days of Christmas/Rogue Christmas Operation

Intrigue Box Set Nov 2021/Texas Stalker/Stay Hidden/Find Me/K-9 Patrol/Deadly Days of Christmas/Rogue Christmas Operation

An O'Connor Family Mystery #5

by Cassie Miles, Julie Miller, Carla Cassidy, Barb Han, Julie Anne Lindsey, Juno Rushdan


Imprint: Mills & Boon Intrigue

Release date: 2021-11-01

Pages: 1128 Pages

ISBN: 9781867242642


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Mills & Boon Intrigue — Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Texas Stalker - Barb Han

Surprising Garrett O’Connor with a middle-of the-night encounter wasn’t Brianna Adair’s original plan. But she’s scared and alone and finally reveals she’s fleeing a stalker. The rebel cowboy immediately offers his protection and help to expose the threat. Soon, old sparks ignite new possibilities. And when the stalker closes in, Garrett realises he lost Brianna once. This time, he’s playing for keeps.

Stay Hidden - Julie Anne Lindsey

Expectant mother Gina Ricci needs an exit plan — pronto! Her ex is out of control and private investigator Cruz Winchester insists justice — not hiding — is the only way to keep her baby safe. But even as Cruz and his law enforcement family circle the wagons, Gina’s attraction to her handsome protector grows undeniable. Unstoppable. Then her family is targeted and the stakes couldn’t be higher…

Find Me - Cassie Miles

After infiltrating a powerful Colorado crime family, FBI agent Angie D’Angelo gets a startling assignment: ‘Pretend to be lovers with Julian Parisi.’ But how, she wonders, will working with the attractive mobster help shut down a human trafficking ring and find the missing women? When pretense becomes a hot reality, Angie discovers that Julian has a mind-blowing secret that could jeopardise their undercover mission — and their lives.

K-9 Patrol - Julie Miller

K-9 officer Aiden Murphy always kept things strictly platonic when it came to KCPD criminalist Lexi Callahan out of respect for her family’s having taken him in years ago. Then Lexi is attacked during a crime scene investigation, and Aiden and his dog, Blue, step right in, making their relationship even more complicated. Keeping Lexi safe is his priority. But resisting the woman who’s never been far from his thoughts will be his greatest challenge this holiday season.

Deadly Days Of Christmas - Carla Cassidy

Sheriff Mac McKnight has his reasons for hating Christmas. But when a serial killer targets Mac’s sleepy Kansas town, the holidays quickly go from dreaded to deadly. Now he’s relying on the insight of newly-deputised Callie Stevens to track down the killer. Only Mac’s in danger of falling for his cheery, blond co-worker — who just happens to match the profile of the killer’s Christmas victims…

Rogue Christmas Operation - Juno Rushdan

After Gage Graham saves her from drowning, Hope Fischer revives, determined to learn the truth about her sister’s death. All she has to do is infiltrate a mysterious closed Virginia town and discover why the attractive — but secretive — Gage feels compelled to help her. Can she trust him? Will he risk being discovered by his former employer, the CIA, for a woman he just met? Neither will matter if a killer succeeds.

About the author

Barb Han

Barb Han

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Barb Han lives in Texas with her adventurous family and beloved dogs. Reviewers have called her books "heartfelt" and "exciting." When not writing or reading, she can be found exploring Manhattan, on a mountain, or swimming in her backyard.  
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Julie Anne Lindsey

Julie Anne Lindsey

 Julie is a mother of three, wife to a sane person and ringmaster at the Lindsey Circus. She lives with her husband and three small children in rural Ohio where she was born and raised. You can find her online day or night, amped up on coffee and wielding a book. Find more information about Julie Anne Lindsey at
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