Anyone Can Dream

Anyone Can Dream

The Audley #11

by Caroline Anderson


Imprint: Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

Release date: 2021-11-17

Pages: 150 Pages

ISBN: 9781867246534


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THE AUDLEY — where love is the best medicine of all…

Dr Charlotte Jennings is hoping for a fresh start — far away from painful memories of her cruel ex-husband. She knows the obstetrics rotation at Audley Memorial Hospital will be challenging, but she didn’t think the challenge would arise in the form of handsome senior registrar William Parry! William is skilful and sensitive, and his flirtatious teasing sparks emotions that Charlotte never thought she would feel again — surely it can’t hurt to indulge herself a little? But when one passionate kiss leads to a whole lot more Charlotte begins to wonder whether this wonderful dream can become reality…

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