Modern Box Set 5-8 Mar 2022/The Billionaire's Last-Minute Marriage/Bound by Her Rival's Baby/The Italian's Runaway Cinderella/A D

Modern Box Set 5-8 Mar 2022/The Billionaire's Last-Minute Marriage/Bound by Her Rival's Baby/The Italian's Runaway Cinderella/A D

The Greeks' Race to the Altar #2

by Maya Blake, Louise Fuller, Amanda Cinelli, Emmy Grayson


Imprint: Mills & Boon Modern

Release date: 2022-02-16

Pages: 768 Pages

ISBN: 9781867249245


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Mills & Boon Modern — Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

The Billionaire’s Last-Minute Marriage - Amanda Cinelli

To inherit his birth-right, Greek CEO Xander Mytikas needs to marry before his half-brothers. With his first bride stolen at the altar, he needs a replacement, fast! Only the woman he holds responsible for ruining his wedding day will do…

Cautious Pandora agrees to transform herself from executive secretary to high-society wife — anything to make amends. A paper marriage for a year is the arrangement. Until on their honeymoon in Japan, Xander’s touch sparks a level of desire neither is prepared for!

Bound by Her Rival’s Baby - Maya Blake

Atu Quayson is the rebel in a family that exudes power and influence. Unexpectedly pulled back into the Quayson empire, Atu must persuade Amelie Hayford, daughter of his father’s fiercest rival, to sell her family’s beach resort — to the enemy!

Why, wonders Amelie, does she feel such a wild attraction to the one man who is completely off-limits? Surrendering to the intense heat raging between them was inevitable. What they didn’t expect were the explosive consequences…and Amelie has to find the words to tell Atu she’s pregnant with his heir!

The Italian’s Runaway Cinderella - Louise Fuller

Talitha St. Croix Hamilton’s disappearance from his life has haunted billionaire Dante King. Now he has a chance to put their relationship on fresh footing — by hiring her to curate his new art collection. The catch: Talitha will work from his villa in Siena!

With her family shouldering huge debt, Talitha can’t refuse Dante’s deal. He’s more committed to empire-building than to her. That’s why she left! Yet with their chemistry as hot as ever, she knows if she falls back into Dante’s bed, she’ll want to stay for good…

A Deal for the Tycoon’s Diamonds - Emmy Grayson

Aspiring fashion designer Anna Vega’s spent years healing from her former best friend, Antonio Cabrera’s rejection. She’s mortified to literally fall into the billionaire’s arms and spark headlines. Antonio’s solution to refocus the unwanted attention? A ruse of a romance!

After a brush with tragedy, Antonio’s molded himself into the perfect businessman. Anna’s always been a gleaming diamond he’s never felt worthy of. He knows he wants her to stay in his life. First, he’ll have to let her see beyond the impenetrable man he’s become…

About the author

Maya Blake

Maya Blake

Maya Blake's writing dream started at 13. She eventually realised her dream when she received The Call in 2012. Maya lives in England with her husband, kids and an endless supply of books. Contact Maya:
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Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller was a tomboy who hated pink and always wanted to be the prince. Not the princess! Now she enjoys creating heroines who aren’t pretty pushovers but strong, believable women. Before writing for Mills and Boon, she studied literature and philosophy at university and then worked as a reporter on her local newspaper. She lives in Tunbridge Wells with her impossibly handsome husband, Patrick and their six children.
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Amanda Cinelli

Amanda Cinelli

Amanda was born into a large Irish-Italian family and raised in the leafy green suburbs of County Dublin, Ireland. After dabbling in a few different career paths, she finally found her calling as an author after winning an online writing competiton with her first finished novel. With three small daughters at home, her days are usually spent doing school runs, changing diapers and writing romance. She still considers herself unbelievably lucky to be able to call this her day-job. 
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