Return of the Outback Billionaire

Return of the Outback Billionaire

Jet-Set Billionaires #8

by Kelly Hunter


Imprint: Mills & Boon Modern

Release date: 2022-04-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781867249306


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The billionaire is back. And he has a startling proposal!

Seven years ago, Judah Blake took the fall for a crime he didn’t commit, to save Bridie Starr. Now his family’s land is in her hands, and to reclaim his slice of the Australian outback, he’s got an announcement!

Photographer Bridie’s always idolised Judah, to whom she owes her life. Until the moment he springs a very public engagement on her! As they thrash out the terms of their new relationship, she will have to reckon with the untameable attraction that makes even cautious Bridie long to be wild…

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