Medical Box Set Mar 2022/The Vet's Unexpected Family/A Rescue Dog to Heal Them/One Night with the Sicilian Surgeon/From the Night Shift to F

Medical Box Set Mar 2022/The Vet's Unexpected Family/A Rescue Dog to Heal Them/One Night with the Sicilian Surgeon/From the Night Shift to F

Two Tails Animal Refuge #1

by Marion Lennox, Alison Roberts, Annie Claydon, Tina Beckett, Deanne Anders, Luana DaRosa


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2022-02-16

Pages: 1028 Pages

ISBN: 9781867250500


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Mills & Boon Medical — Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

The Vet’s Unexpected Family - Alison Roberts

When a baby is left in celebrity vet Finn’s waiting room, he can’t believe that it’s his granddaughter and that he has a secret daughter! With his emotions running riot and feeling utterly out of his depth with a newborn, Finn needs help…and kind-hearted colleague Hazel is the perfect candidate! Hazel has always been ‘just a friend.’ Now, she might be becoming someone that he can’t live without…

A Rescue Dog To Heal Them - Marion Lennox

Kiara has dedicated her whole life to caring for animals in need. So, when the vet is tasked with finding the perfect pet for neurosurgeon Bryn and his orphaned niece, Kiara has just the rescue dog in mind! Border Collie Bunji has a story as powerful as little Alice’s, yet he brings hope back into this little family’s life. But what if Kiara does too?

One Night With The Sicilian Surgeon - Tina Beckett

The first day at a new job is never easy. But the realisation that the heart surgeon you will be working in close proximity with is also the man that you spent an unforgettable night of passion with…well, that’s a complication too many for perfusionist Bree Frost! Yet, Bree is about to discover a second complication of her night with Diego that could bring their worlds crashing together — for good!

From The Night Shift To Forever - Annie Claydon

Children’s doctor Robbie Hall has learned it’s best to keep people at a distance. It’s why working the night shift and running a charity that delivers out of hours medical supplies suits her so perfectly. So, Robbie is not prepared to catch the eye of brooding new ER doc Joel Mason. Because experiencing the powerful connection she’s always dreamed of, will make resisting it all the more difficult…

Florida Fling With The Single Dad - Deanne Anders

As flight nurse Katie lands in sun-soaked Florida, she wants just one thing: to leave the painful memories of New York behind. So, hard-working Katie is ready to throw herself into her new job. What Katie isn’t ready for? Her new — and gorgeous — colleague, Dylan...and his adorable daughter! Katie was prepared to make a fresh start alone. But what if this single dad wants to help her?

Falling For Her Off-Limits Boss - Luana DaRosa

Walking into her new Chicago hospital, locum anaesthesiologist Emma Santos is ready to take her career by storm. She’s spent too long neglecting her own goals for someone else. She’s not ready for widowed surgeon Mark Henderson. Her new boss is hard to please…and heart-stoppingly handsome! And that makes him a threat to both Emma’s medical ambitions — and her determination not to be ruled by attraction!

About the author

Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox

Marion Lennox is a country girl, born on an Australian dairy farm. She moved on, because the cows just weren't interested in her stories! Married to a `very special doctor', she has also written under the name Trisha David. She’s now stepped back from her `other’ career teaching statistics. Finally, she’s figured what's important and discovered the joys of baths, romance and chocolate. Preferably all at the same time! Marion is an international award winning author.
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Annie Claydon

Annie Claydon

I'd love to hear from you.
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Tina Beckett

Tina Beckett

A three-time Golden Heart finalist, Tina Beckett is the product of a navy upbringing. Always on the move, her travels eventually took her outside of the United States, where English reading material was scarce. Her supply of books eventually ran out, and she started writing her own stories, fashioned after the romance novels she'd loved through the years. She finished that first book and moved on to the next.After the fourth manuscript, she realised there was no going back...she was officially a writer. When not in the middle of her latest book, Tina enjoys crafting stained glass panels, riding horses...
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