The Marrying Kind/Tempestuous April/Last April Fair/When May Fol

The Marrying Kind/Tempestuous April/Last April Fair/When May Fol

by Betty Neels


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2022-03-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867251095


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Tempestuous April

Harriet had met the man of her dreams, the one she’d always imagined herself marrying. But Dr Friso Eijsinck was very attractive, and he seemed to be surrounded by pretty girls. Harriet began to feel that, as far as Friso was concerned, she was only one of many. What she didn’t know was that Friso had met his dream wife, and he was going to make sure that he married her.

Last April Fair

Phyllida Cresswell had definite ideas about love. She knew she didn’t love Philip and couldn’t marry him. So when the chance of a nursing job abroad came up, she took it. Things didn’t go smoothly in Madeira and Phyllida found herself stranded. Fortunately, the dashing Pieter van Sittardt was on hand to rescue her. Pieter, Phylllida discovered, was a man she could love. In fact, she’d be happy to marry him. All he had to do was ask.

When May Follows

The future Baroness van Tellerinck wasn’t exactly sure why she had agreed to get married. Perhaps it was because her tall and broad-shouldered husband didn’t make her feel like a giant. It certainly wasn’t a love match at any rate: she didn’t love Raf and he seemed indifferent to her. Their marriage of convenience went smoothly until Raf’s former girlfriend turned up. Katrina suddenly found her emotions in turmoil. She couldn’t be jealous, could she?

About the author

Betty Neels

Betty Neels

Romance readers around the world were sad to note the passing of Betty Neels in June 2001.Her career spanned thirty years, and she continued to write into her ninetieth year.To her millions of fans, Betty epitomized the romance writer.Betty’s first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam,was published in 1969, and she eventually completed 134 books.Her novels offer a reassuring warmth that was very much a part of her own personality.Her spirit and genuine talent live on in all her stories.
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