Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait


by Diane Hester


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2022-05-01

Pages: 256 Pages

ISBN: 9781867251262


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No one else believes there’s a murderer out there…

Grieving widow Andy Vaughn has struggled to get back to the real world after her husband’s sudden death. But her son needs her, and when a terrifying encounter with a snake reveals unknown skills, the American expat feels alive for the first time in years. She’s going to leave behind her career as a science teacher and instead start training as a national park ranger with a specialty in snake handling. There have been a high number of brown snake incidents in their small community over the last few months, and Port Matthews desperately needs an experienced snake handler on the Parks and Wildlife team.

But with two deaths and several close calls in only a matter of weeks, is the increased snake activity just an unusual spike? Or is something more sinister going on? New cop in town Dev certainly thinks something isn’t quite right, but nobody is going to believe the city cop with a chequered past. With growing suspicions that a serial killer might be out there using snakes as a weapon, Dev is going to need to find proof — and fast. Because the serial killer has a new victim in his sights, and she might just be the beautiful snake handler Dev is fast falling in love with.


'Filled with tension as well as venomous snakes, Lying in Wait by Aussie author Diane Hester would have to be her best yet! Unbelievable tension - my heart is still pounding - I can't think of any book I've ever read like this one! I'd advise anyone with an aversion to snakes not to read this one at night - you'll have nightmares! An incredible thriller, Lying in Wait is one I recommend highly.' Goodreads Review

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About the author

Diane Hester

Diane Hester

Born in New York, Diane Hester is a former violinist with the Rochester Philharmonic and the Adelaide Symphony. Her debut thriller, Run To Me, short-listed in the 2014 U.S. Daphne du Maurier Awards. She lives with her family and numerous pets in Port Lincoln, South Australia.
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