Accidental Witness

Accidental Witness

Heartland Heroes #5

by Julie Anne Lindsey


Imprint: Mills & Boon Intrigue

Release date: 2022-03-16

Pages: 256 Pages

ISBN: 9781867253310


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To protect her baby…she’ll take on a killer.

While tracing the steps of her missing roommate, Jen Jordan barely survives coming face to face with a gunman. Panicked, the headstrong mum enlists the help of deputy Knox Winchester, her late fiancé’s best friend. As danger to Jen and her infant son enters her home, Knox will have to race against time to protect Jen and her baby…and expose the criminals putting all their lives in jeopardy.

Mills & Boon Intrigue — Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

About the author

Julie Anne Lindsey

Julie Anne Lindsey

 Julie is a mother of three, wife to a sane person and ringmaster at the Lindsey Circus. She lives with her husband and three small children in rural Ohio where she was born and raised. You can find her online day or night, amped up on coffee and wielding a book. Find more information about Julie Anne Lindsey at
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