Vows Made in Secret

Vows Made in Secret

by Louise Fuller

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

Release date: 2022-06-01

Pages: 160 Pages

ISBN: 9781867260622


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A woman scorned

A woman scorned

Art expert Prudence Elliot is shocked when a new job brings her face-to-face with Laszlo de Zsadany — the irresistible enigma who blazed through her life like a comet, leaving only her shattered heart in his wake.

A husband discovered…

Even more shocking, not only is Laszlo a secret millionaire, but their youthful pledging of love was legally binding — he’s her husband!

A fiery reconciliation!

Prudence is an addiction that Laszlo cannot fight, but surely the heat between them will quickly burn out…except soon he’s forced to admit that his craving for his wife is blazing out of control!

About the author

Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller was a tomboy who hated pink and always wanted to be the prince. Not the princess! Now she enjoys creating heroines who aren’t pretty pushovers but strong, believable women. Before writing for Mills and Boon, she studied literature and philosophy at university and then worked as a reporter on her local newspaper. She lives in Tunbridge Wells with her impossibly handsome husband, Patrick and their six children.
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