Historical Box Set Aug 2022/The Earl's Mysterious Lady/The Officer's Convenient Proposal/A Marquess Too Rakish to Wed/The Bluestocking's Whi

Historical Box Set Aug 2022/The Earl's Mysterious Lady/The Officer's Convenient Proposal/A Marquess Too Rakish to Wed/The Bluestocking's Whi

by Louise Allen, Bronwyn Scott, Liz Tyner, Joanna Johnson


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2022-07-20

Pages: 768 Pages

ISBN: 9781867263357


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Mills & Boon Historical — Your romantic escape to the past.

The Earl’s Mysterious Lady - Louise Allen

An unexpected reunion…with the Earl she left at the altar!

Viola fled her arranged marriage to Guy Thurlow, Earl of Easton, right at the altar steps. Now, she is Cressida Williams and greatly changed — so much so that when Guy finds her trespassing on his neglected estate, he doesn’t recognise his runaway bride. Working together to restore his grounds, desire flares. But she must deny his temptation because it would be socially ruinous if he discovers who she really is…

The Officer’s Convenient Proposal - Joanna Johnson

Is a paper wedding…the only solution?

Returning from battle, Officer Jonah Grant is shocked to find his frail sister abandoned by her husband and their life savings squandered. Which is why a chance encounter with wealthy independent neighbour Frances feels like fate! He and Frances both find it hard to let down their defenses, but take refuge in each other’s company. If they are willing to risk their newfound friendship, a convenient marriage could be a saviour for them both…

A Marquess Too Rakish To Wed - Liz Tyner

Two opposites — will they ever attract?

Women flock around the disreputable Marquess of Hartcroft — all except Lady Guinevere Chenowith. She holds him at a polite distance, disapproving of the way he breaks society’s rules. So no one is more surprised than Guinevere when she rushes to his side after he has a serious riding accident. And it seems the Marquess’s brush with death has forced him to think more favourably about marriage — because he’s just stunned her with a proposal!

The Bluestocking’s Whirlwind Liaison - Bronwyn Scott

The quiet sister…and the only man to charm her!

Rebecca has always been the inventor of the family, much preferring her workshop to a ball. But she’s thrust out of her familiar life when she meets Jules Howells, a member of a manufacturing family who are interested in her latest invention. At first, Jules seems a carefree rogue…until their ever-more passionate encounters show Becca a depth to him she cannot resist!

About the author

Bronwyn Scott

Bronwyn Scott

Bronwyn Scott is a pen name for Nikki Poppen. Nikki lives in the Pacific Northwestern United States, where she is a communications instructor at a small college. She enjoys playing the piano and hanging out with her three children. She definitely does not enjoy cooking or laundry-she leaves that to her husband, who teaches early morning and late evening classes at the college so he can spend the day being a stay-at-home daddy.Nikki remembers writing all her life. She started attending young-author conferences held by the school district when she was in fourth grade and is still proud of her...
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Liz Tyner

Liz Tyner

Liz Tyner grew up on a farm in Oklahoma fascinated by stories and storytelling. By the time she was in high school, Liz often read a book each day, collected romance novels and decided she would write a manuscript someday. She and her husband live on an acreage where she enjoys spending her evening gazing at stars, sitting around a campfire, or at a concert where it's prudent to wear hearing protection.Visit Liz at liztyner.com.
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