Finding Forever - Surprise at Sunrise

Finding Forever - Surprise at Sunrise

Brides of Penhally Bay #3

by Kate Hardy, Josie Metcalfe, Jennifer Taylor


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2022-08-17

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781867263395


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The Doctor’s Bride By Sunrise - Josie Metcalfe

Adam Donnelly has arrived at the Penhally Bay practice hoping to see more of his childhood sweetheart, paramedic Maggie Pascoe. Adam knows he’s got a lot of explaining to do if he wants Maggie for his bride, but before they can even hope to resolve their past, the present intervenes in a dramatic way…

Some children have tumbled into in an old Cornish mine, and in the rescue attempt Maggie became trapped herself! The only one who can save her is the man who once broke her heart. Now Adam has a final chance, and only a few short hours, to show Maggie that he’s always loved her more than any other.

The Surgeon’s Fatherhood Surprise - Jennifer Taylor

Renowned plastic surgeon and one of London’s most eligible bachelors, Jack Tremayne lives the VIP life — he works hard and plays hard! But Jack’s world is turned upside down when he learns that he is the single father of a three-year-old boy.

Jack returns to his Cornish hometown with little Freddie, where he finds his life inextricably tangled with that of single mum practice nurse Alison Myers. Alison might just be the answer to Jack’s prayers — she’s fantastic with Freddie…and has captured Jack’s heart! Soon he begins to wonder if family life might just suit him after all.

The Doctor’s Royal Love-Child - Kate Hardy

Dedicated vet Melinda Fortesque has a secret. One she’s kept from gorgeous doctor Dragan Lovak even though she’s given him her heart. Now her duty is calling her, and she knows she must tell him the truth about who she really is.

It’s enough of a shock for Dragan to learn that the woman he trusted and fell in love with is royalty! And that HRH Melinda has been called back to her country to take the throne. But now he’s learned that she’s carrying his child, how can he possibly let her go?

About the author

Josie Metcalfe

Josie Metcalfe

Several years ago Josie Metcalfe had a blood transfusion during an operation and went into anaphylactic shock. Afterwards, she discovered that she could no longer read. When her husband came home with a bag full of Mills & Boons it took a solid month of blood, sweat, and tears to finish reading the first one, but by the time she was fit to work again she had read them all and was hooked. Then her husband nudged her into action by daring her to write them, too! And the rest is history!
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Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor has been writing Mills & Boon novels for some time, but discovered Medical Romance books relatively recently.  Having worked in scientific research, she was so captivated by these heart-warming stories that she immediately set out to write them herself.  Jennifer’s hobbies include reading and  travelling. She lives in northwest England. Visit Jennifer's blog  at     
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