Marriage By Arrangement/Cruise to a Wedding/The Hasty Marriage/Matilda's Wedding

Marriage By Arrangement/Cruise to a Wedding/The Hasty Marriage/Matilda's Wedding

by Betty Neels


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2022-09-07

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867265405


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Cruise To A Wedding

Everybody said that practical nurse Loveday Pearce was good in a crisis. So when her oldest friend desperately wants to get married, Loveday is only too willing to help. Especially when her friend’s handsome guardian, surgeon Baron Adam de Wolff van Ozinga, expresses his disapproval. But while Loveday’s head may be in charge of the illicit wedding plans, her heart is in charge of her astonishing attraction to the captivatingly commanding Adam!

The Hasty Marriage

Laura had always been used to taking second place to her pretty younger sister, Joyce. If Joyce wanted something, she got it! It was, therefore, no surprise to Laura that when she fell in love with the attractive Dutch doctor Reilof van Meerum, he chose Joyce instead. But when Joyce walked out on him to marry another, richer man, Reilof asked her to marry him. He needed a wife, and Laura, it seemed, would do as well as anyone. So she accepted — but could she really expect to be happy with a man who did not love her?

Matilda’s Wedding

When her father is forced to retire and her family’s finances become strained, plain Matilda Paige applies to be Dr Henry Lovell’s new receptionist. And does her best to ignore her instant attraction to him! She can’t dream of marrying her boss — and besides the honorable doctor is already engaged. Only Henry can’t help but be intrigued by Matilda, and soon he can’t stop wondering if she’s really the one for him after all…

About the author

Betty Neels

Betty Neels

Romance readers around the world were sad to note the passing of Betty Neels in June 2001.Her career spanned thirty years, and she continued to write into her ninetieth year.To her millions of fans, Betty epitomized the romance writer.Betty’s first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam,was published in 1969, and she eventually completed 134 books.Her novels offer a reassuring warmth that was very much a part of her own personality.Her spirit and genuine talent live on in all her stories.
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