The Innocent Virgin

The Innocent Virgin

by Carole Mortimer

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

Release date: 2022-07-20

Pages: 150 Pages

ISBN: 9781867266686


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Parting with danger

Abby Freeman is thrilled that, at last, she’s landed herself a fantastic job as a TV chat-show host. But she needs to prove herself with a ratings-pulling interview. Who better to grill than the famous, darkly handsome journalist Max Harding?

With an intriguing scandal in his past that has never been fully explained, Max is happy to let Abby get close — but only in private! His life is not for public consumption.

Now Abby has two dilemmas: she doesn’t want to lose Max’s story but she’s in danger of losing her innocence! Because, clearly, Max doesn’t realise that the apparently worldly Abby is still a virgin…

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