When Sparks Fly/When Opposites Attract/Temptation Calls

When Sparks Fly/When Opposites Attract/Temptation Calls

Billion-Dollar Bachelors #1

by Ally Blake, Rachael Stewart


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2022-11-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867270386


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They can only resist each other for so long…

When Opposites Attract - Ally Blake

Interview with a billionaire.A fling that’s not supposed to last…

Quirky Adelaid yearns to be taken seriously as a journalist — writing an article on genius Ted Fincher is the perfect way. But when she meets this tall hunk of gorgeousness, the frisson of attraction between them is completely distracting! She should suppress her exuberance long enough to discover why Ted’s heart is so guarded…yet she can’t resist bowling headlong into an affair — one that has shocking consequences!

Also published as Whirlwind Fling to Baby Bombshell

Temptation Calls - Rachael Stewart

My twelve months of sacrifice…or temptation?

My foster mother’s will states I, Summer, must live with her grandson, infamous billionaire Edward Fitzroy, for one year on her Scottish estate or we forfeit our inheritance! Years ago, scared of our intense connection, I left without saying goodbye. Now, I’m completely unprepared for how devastatingly attractive Edward’s become — and how he still makes me feel. We’re from different worlds, surely this can’t work! But it’s oh-so tempting to give into the sparks flying between us…

Also published as My Year With the Billionaire

About the author

Ally Blake

Ally Blake

Australian romance author Ally Blake has a thing for strong hot coffee, adores fluffy white clouds and bright blue skies, and is smitten with the glide of a soft, dark pencil over really good notepaper. She also loves writing warm, witty, whimsical love stories. With more than forty books published, and having sold over four million copies of her novels worldwide, she is living her dream. Alongside one handsome husband, their three spectacular children, and too many animal companions to count, Ally lives and writes in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane. More about her books at www.allyblake.com
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