Life & Love New Release Box Set Sept 2022

Life & Love New Release Box Set Sept 2022

by Rebecca Winters, Alison Roberts, Wendy Warren, Charlotte Hawkes


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2022-09-01

Pages: 728 Pages

ISBN: 9781867271932


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Pulse-racing passion and heartfelt love stories — experience the rush of falling in love!

Capturing the CEO’s Guarded Heart - Rebecca Winters

New attorney Anelise is mortified when she’s splashed across the headlines as Nicolas Causcelle’s latest fling. She’s forging her career on her own merit — not by dating the boss! But when reclusive billionaire Nic suggests a fake arrangement so the media loses interest, Anelise steps into the CEO’s world and sees a side to him no one else has… Can she heal his guarded heart?

One Weekend in Prague - Alison Roberts

Before attending a medical conference, trauma specialist Mac meets stranger Hanna under the Astronomical clock in Prague. Their intense connection takes him by surprise. Straight-laced Mac has never met someone like free-spirited nurse Hanna and suddenly he’s dropping his guard and stepping out of his comfort zone! Their unforgettable and spontaneous weekend together, as tourists and then tangled between the sheets, makes him see the world differently. But what happens when they leave Prague?

His Cinderella Houseguest - Charlotte Hawkes

Helicopter Pilot, Piper Green is supposed to be Dr Lincoln Oakes’ new air ambulance colleague — not his houseguest! Yet discovering she’s practically homeless, he offers her his spare room. In such close quarters, sparks soon start to fly, but they agree to keep things strictly professional. Until a dazzling kiss makes their chemistry impossible to ignore! But Piper has a secret and when Linc learns the truth, could their chance at happy-ever-after disappear?

Forever, Plus One - Wendy Warren

Nikki Choi loves the boisterous family she was adopted into as a baby. But dreams of her own happy-ever-after are dashed when her fiancé suddenly calls off the wedding. Leave it to her BFF to come to her rescue! Evan Northrup is the perfect faux beau, offering support and making no demands — making her feel loved. But the single dad seems intent on keeping things pretend, while Nikki is shocked to be falling wildly, deeply for her old friend…

About the author

Wendy Warren

Wendy Warren

Wendy lives with her husband, Tim, and their dog, Chauncie, near the Pacific Northwest's beautiful Willamette River, in an area surrounded by giant elms, bookstores with cushy chairs, and great theatre. Their house was previously owned by a woman named Cinderella, who bequeathed them a garden of flowers they try desperately (and occasionally successfully) not to kill, and a pink General Electric oven, circa 1948, that makes the kitchen look like an I Love Lucy rerun.Wendy is a two-time recipient of Romance Writers of America's RITA Award and was a finalist for Affaire de Coeur's Best Up-and-Coming Romance Author. When...
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