Medical Box Set Mar 2023/Secret Son to Change His Life/How to Rescue the Heart Doctor/Father for the Midwife's Twins/Reunited with the Child

Medical Box Set Mar 2023/Secret Son to Change His Life/How to Rescue the Heart Doctor/Father for the Midwife's Twins/Reunited with the Child

by Alison Roberts, Becky Wicks, Susan Carlisle, Charlotte Hawkes, Fiona McArthur


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2023-03-01

Pages: 1028 Pages

ISBN: 9781867279426


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Mills & Boon Medical — Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Secret Son to Change His Life - Alison Roberts

Paramedic Jonno’s memory of Brie is instantaneous when they meet again — and so is their mutual attraction. Whilst Brie can’t disguise the flutters of excitement Jonno brings out in her, she also knows she now has an opportunity to reveal what she’s been longing to tell him — he has a son! Jonno wasn’t planning on sticking around, but maybe Brie can give him a reason to stop running...

How to Rescue the Heart Doctor - Alison Roberts

Pediatric heart surgeon Anthony Morgan is used to fixing tiny hearts, yet can’t mend his own after being estranged from his son. When he meets nurse Elsie, he learns some shocking news — they share a grandson! Having been alone for so long, Elsie welcomes Anthony’s friendship and is delighted that it develops into something more. But when his family problems seem insurmountable, can Elsie rescue Anthony’s heart and heal her own too?

Father for the Midwife’s Twins - Fiona McArthur

Midwife Lisandra panics when the hospital lift gets stuck — just as her waters break! Luckily, she’s trapped with obstetrician Malachi, who expertly cares for her. Having lost everything since her fiancé’s death, she has nowhere to go, so Malachi offers her and her babies a temporary place to stay. But living with the brooding workaholic is less convenient when a spark ignites between them! Could her knight in shining armour also become a father for her twins?

Reunited with the Children’s Doc - Susan Carlisle

Since losing her son, Marcy has a single focus: researching a cure for cancer. Meeting Dr Dylan again is unexpected, and his compassionate warmth invades the fortress around her heart. Marcy’s even more beautiful than he remembers, but Dylan’s been abandoned too many times. As they fight for their patients’ lives, an irresistible passion flares between them. Dare they put themselves on the line again for a shot at happy-ever-after?

Neurosurgeon, Single Dad...Husband? - Charlotte Hawkes

When neurosurgeon and notorious bachelor Seth becomes the guardian of his nephew Noah, for the first time in his life, he has no idea what he’s doing. Noah hasn’t spoken since his sister’s passing, so when nurse Andrea gets him to speak, Seth enlists her help. Andrea understands what Noah is going through and brings a sparkle back into this little boy’s life — and Seth’s too! Is she the bright future this fledgling family deserves?

Highland Fling with Her Best Friend - Becky Wicks

After a bad breakup, Dr Sadie Mills is offered a new job at an exclusive health facility in Scotland with her best friend! It sounds like the perfect escape. Sadie’s never worked with Dr Owen Penner before, but why would that be an issue? She loves Owen and has never been tempted to date such a committed playboy. Yet suddenly she wants to shove him out of the friendzone — straight into her bed!

About the author

Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks was born in 1979. She attended the Gleed School for Girls, also known as 'The Virgin Megastore' in small town Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. She studied media production at Lincoln University, but was writing freelance from the age of 14. She arrived in NYC in 2001 at age 21. She worked for a production company and wrote for a NYC restaurant guide, as well as a Brooklyn community mag (also dated the editor, who broke her heart). Back in London, from 2004 she worked for a travel and entertainment dot com which led her to theatre-land, interviewing West end...
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Susan Carlisle

Susan Carlisle

Susan Carlisle’s love affair with books began when she made a bad grade in math. Not allowed to watch TV until the grade had improved, she filled her time with books.Turning her love of reading into a love for writing romance, she pens hot medicals.She loves castles, traveling, afternoon tea, reads voraciously and hearing from her readers. Join her newsletter at 
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Fiona McArthur

Fiona McArthur

Fiona McArthur is an Australian midwife who lives in the country and loves to dream. Writing Medical Romance gives Fiona the scope to write about all the wonderful aspects of romance, adventure, medicine and the midwifery she feels so passionate about. When not writing, Fiona's ether at home on the farm with her husband or off to meet new people, see new places and have wonderful adventures. Drop in and say hi at Fiona's website
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