Breaking the Single Mum's Rules

Breaking the Single Mum's Rules

Gulf Harbour ER #2

by JC Harroway


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2023-04-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781867279440


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An electrifying connection sends this doc and single mum’s head in a spin, but will the single dad be worth breaking her rules for? Find out in the second book in JC Harroway’s latest duet, Gulf Harbour ER.

She made the rule…but will she keep it?

Doctor and single mum Kat always sticks to protocol. So when nurse Nash plays it fast and loose, she has no problem confronting him. Only to find the disarmingly attractive single dad leaves her tongue-tied! As they’re forced together by their daughters’ friendship, the tension only intensifies…

Kat has lived by her no-men rule meticulously. She just never anticipated a connection as electric as hers and Nash’s!

Mills & Boon Medical — Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

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JC Harroway

JC Harroway

Lifelong romance addict J.C. Harroway lives in New Zealand. Writing feeds her very real obsession with happy endings and the endorphin rush they create.You can follow her at, and
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