Historical Box Set Apr 2023/A Rogue for the Dutiful Duchess/His Runaway Marchioness Returns/Secrets of the Viscount's Bride/Game of Courtship w

Historical Box Set Apr 2023/A Rogue for the Dutiful Duchess/His Runaway Marchioness Returns/Secrets of the Viscount's Bride/Game of Courtship w

by Louise Allen, Marguerite Kaye, Elizabeth Beacon, Paulia Belgado


Imprint: Mills & Boon Historical

Release date: 2023-04-01

Pages: 768 Pages

ISBN: 9781867280330


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Mills & Boon Historical — Your romantic escape to the past.

A Rogue for the Dutiful Duchess - Louise Allen

Widowed duchess Sophie will do anything to protect her son and his inheritance. Even ask roguish Lord Nicholas Pascoe to retrieve her late husband’s diaries, before the secrets they contain bring down the government and the monarchy! Sophie knows she must maintain her distance from Nicholas…only she can’t help but respond to the desire in his eyes. Their mission is treacherous, but will it prove as dangerous as their unexpected attraction?

His Runaway Marchioness Returns - Marguerite Kaye

Industrialist Oliver, the new Marquess of Rashfield, has become society’s most eligible bachelor. The problem is he's already married! Honourable Oliver conveniently wed his best friend’s sister Lily years ago, and since then they’ve built separate, fulfilling lives. Now Lily has returned for a long-overdue divorce, but Oliver needs his marchioness again until he secures his inheritance. They've never shared a house…sparks are sure to fly!

Secrets of the Viscount's Bride - Elizabeth Beacon

When Martha Lington’s sister begs for help in stopping her convenient marriage to Zachary Chilton, Viscount Elderwood, kind-hearted Martha finds herself pretending to be his bride-to-be. But Martha is shocked to discover there’s much more to like about the Viscount than she’d been led to believe! Martha’s enjoying his attentions rather too much…but she must reveal all the secrets she’s kept hidden before their wedding day!

Game of Courtship with the Earl - Paulia Belgado

American heiress Maddie DeVries is aware that most people think she’s too tall and ungainly to find a match. And that’s before any gentleman learns of her unladylike interest in manufacturing! So she enlists her friend’s brother, Cameron, the Earl of Balfour, in a game of pretend courtship in order to win suitors. It works like a charm…but why is a man who’s sworn off love — Cameron — the only one she craves?

About the author

Marguerite Kaye

Marguerite Kaye

Marguerite Kaye writes hot historical romances from her home in cold and usually rainy Scotland. Featuring Regency Rakes, Highlanders and Sheikhs, she has published almost fifty books and novellas. When she’s not writing she enjoys walking, cycling (but only on the level), gardening (but only what she can eat) and cooking. She also likes to knit and occasionally drink martinis (though not at the same time). Find out more on her website: www.margueritekaye.com
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Elizabeth Beacon

Elizabeth Beacon

Elizabeth Beacon has a passion for history and storytelling and, with the English West Country on her doorstep, never lacks a glorious setting for her books. Elizabeth tried horticulture, higher education as a mature student, briefly taught English and worked in an office, before finally turning her daydreams about dashing, piratical heroes and their stubborn and independent heroines into her dream job; writing Regency romances for Harlequin, Mills and Boon
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