Forever Box Set May 2023/Two Weeks to Tempt the Tycoon/Consequence of Their Forbidden Night/Second Chance Hawaiian Honeymoon/Fake Engagement

Forever Box Set May 2023/Two Weeks to Tempt the Tycoon/Consequence of Their Forbidden Night/Second Chance Hawaiian Honeymoon/Fake Engagement

by Cara Colter, Ally Blake, Nina Singh, Rachael Stewart


Imprint: Mills & Boon Forever

Release date: 2023-05-01

Pages: 768 Pages

ISBN: 9781867282730


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Mills & Boon Forever — Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.

Two Weeks to Tempt the Tycoon - Nina Singh

An undeniable connection...with the off-limits tycoon!

After a media scandal breaks, Marni escapes to Capri. Only, to her surprise, her family friend, gorgeous Gio is also there! Brooding Gio has also had his fair share of unwanted scrutiny, so he sympathises with Marni’s plight. Their minds should be on other things yet, stranded alone in paradise, they’re each other’s biggest temptation! And if they finally succumb, will two weeks together be enough?

Consequence of Their Forbidden Night - Rachael Stewart

Best friends...until one-night changes it all!

Top criminal defence lawyer Brendan is used to getting everything he wants. The only thing he can’t have? Best friend Hannah Rose. Until one-night forbidden passions unexpectedly ignite and the barriers they put in place years ago are impulsively put aside. Now determined to recover their friendship, Brendan tries to forget about their spontaneous encounter, until Hannah reveals it had consequences...

Second Chance Hawaiian Honeymoon - Cara Colter

A wedding-on-the-rocks. Healed in Hawaii?

After despairingly fleeing her wedding to billionaire Joe, Blossom goes on their honeymoon alone to reconsider their relationship. Only Joe has the same idea and they wind up together! This unexpected reunion forces them to face what they were running from, until they start to enjoy too many sleepless nights. Maybe their honeymoon before saying ‘I Do’ is the second chance they never saw coming...

Fake Engagement with the Billionaire - Ally Blake

Her first now her fake fiancé!

When Petra bumps into billionaire Sawyer, it’s thrilling to see him again. As photos of him mock-proposing surface, they decide to go with the misconception. An ‘engagement’ could be beneficial to them both, and him staying in her apartment makes it even more believable! But living with her late brother’s best friend means confronting their past...and a sizzling spark that is far too real...

About the author

Cara Colter

Cara Colter

Cara Colter shares ten acres in British Columbia with her real life hero Rob, ten horses, a dog and a cat.  She has three grown children and a grandson. Cara is a recipient of the Career Acheivement Award in the Love and Laughter category from Romantic Times BOOKreviews.  Cara invites you to visit her on Facebook!
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Ally Blake

Ally Blake

Australian romance author Ally Blake has a thing for strong hot coffee, adores fluffy white clouds and bright blue skies, and is smitten with the glide of a soft, dark pencil over really good notepaper. She also loves writing warm, witty, whimsical love stories. With more than forty books published, and having sold over four million copies of her novels worldwide, she is living her dream.Alongside one handsome husband, their three spectacular children, and too many animal companions to count, Ally lives and writes in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane. More about her books at
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