Mother's Day Collection 2023/Adding Up to Family/Second Chance for the Single Mum/Miracle Baby for the Midwife/Lone Star Baby

Mother's Day Collection 2023/Adding Up to Family/Second Chance for the Single Mum/Miracle Baby for the Midwife/Lone Star Baby

by Marie Ferrarella, Cathy Gillen Thacker, Tina Beckett, Sophie Pembroke

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Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2023-04-01

Pages: 476 Pages

ISBN: 9781867283744


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Adding Up to Family - Marie Ferrarella/p>

1 + 2 = Happily Ever After

When widowed rocket scientist Steve Holder needs a housekeeper who can also help with his precocious 10-year-old, they assign Becky Reynolds. The math whiz-turned-domestic-engineer, gently solves the equation of Steve’s daughter, but the moody widower requires more calculation. Love is definitely part of the solution! Becky just needs to find the right algorithm to solve the equation to Steve’s heart.

Second Chance for the Single Mum - Sophie Pembroke

She’s the one that got away. Now, could the future be theirs?

Gwen Phillips wears her smile like a mask. Focusing on her daughter and late husband’s foundation and burying her pain deep. Then maverick rugby legend Ryan Phillips walks back into her life, determined to shake off his failure to live up to his estranged brother’s golden reputation. He’s the one man who can bring back the joy Gwen’s been hiding from — if she’ll give him the chance…

Miracle Baby for the Midwife - Tina Beckett

A night like no other. A miracle she’s dreamed of!

Knowing she may never have children isn’t easy for midwife Carly Eliston, but devoting her life to helping other mothers realise that dream is fulfillment enough. Until she begins working alongside sexy neurosurgeon Adem Kepler! The cautious yet charismatic bachelor challenges Carly to let her hair down. One night of amazing passion later, Carly’s in for a miraculous shock — she’s carrying Adem’s baby!

Lone Star Baby - Cathy Gillen Thacker

Practice made perfect.

Suddenly finding herself a foster parent definitely shakes things up for Dr Violet McCabe. Especially because her attractive and pragmatic colleague, Dr Gavin Monroe, is baby Ava’s co-guardian. Gavin has doubts about the arrangement, but idealistic Violet is certain they can work together to find Ava the perfect adoptive family.

Gavin secretly crushed on Violet for years, but after losing her fiancé, Violet’s heart was impenetrable. Ava changes everything. For once, Violet is ready to embrace the unpredictable…maybe even love. But is Gavin the right man for Violet — and the right father for Ava? In their search for a perfect home for Ava, will Violet and Gavin miss that the best family for her is the one they’ve already created?

About the author

Marie Ferrarella

Marie Ferrarella

This USA TODAY bestselling and RITA ® Award-winning author has written more than two hundred books for Harlequin Books and Silhouette Books, some under the name Marie Nicole. Her romances are beloved by fans worldwide. Visit her website at
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Tina Beckett

Tina Beckett

A three-time Golden Heart finalist, Tina Beckett is the product of a navy upbringing. Always on the move, her travels eventually took her outside of the United States, where English reading material was scarce. Her supply of books eventually ran out, and she started writing her own stories, fashioned after the romance novels she'd loved through the years. She finished that first book and moved on to the next.After the fourth manuscript, she realised there was no going back...she was officially a writer. When not in the middle of her latest book, Tina enjoys crafting stained glass panels, riding horses...
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Sophie Pembroke

Sophie Pembroke

Sophie Pembroke has been dreaming, reading and writing romance ever since she read her first Mills and Boon as part of her English Literature degree at Lancaster University, so getting to write romances for a living really is a dream come true! Sophie lives in a little Hertfordshire market town with her scientist husband and her incredibly imaginative four-year-old daughter. She writes stories about friends, family and falling in love, usually while drinking too much tea and eating homemade cakes. Or, when things are looking very bad for her heroes and heroines, white wine and dark chocolate.She keeps a blog...
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