Passion In Paradise/Prince's Virgin in Venice/His Shock Marriage in Greece/Consequences of a Hot Havana Night

Passion In Paradise/Prince's Virgin in Venice/His Shock Marriage in Greece/Consequences of a Hot Havana Night

Passion in Paradise #4

by Trish Morey, Jane Porter, Louise Fuller


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2023-06-01

Pages: 384 Pages

ISBN: 9781867284949


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Prince’s Virgin in Venice - Trish Morey

Cinderella will go to the ball…and be seduced by the Prince.

Prince Vittorio’s spontaneous invitation to shy hotel maid Rosa is supposed to end at Venice’s most exclusive Carnival ball. Yet their instant chemistry soon leads to a scorching encounter! It’s meant to be Vittorio’s last taste of pleasure before duty demands he marry and provide an heir. But will one night with unexpected virgin Rosa be enough to slake his desire for her…

His Shock Marriage in Greece - Jane Porter

A merciless groom, a not-so-convenient bride.

Scarred by his dark past, Damen Alexopoulos does not let emotion dictate anything — especially his choice of wife. So when his convenient society bride is switched at the altar for her innocent younger sister, Kassiani Dukas, Damen is adamant their marriage will remain strictly business. He’s too damaged for anything more. Yet Kassiani’s determination to know him — and the intense passion of their Greek Island honeymoon — could be this ruthless Greek’s undoing!

Consequences of a Hot Havana Night - Louise Fuller

A scorching encounter in the Cuban heat…now she’s carrying her boss’s baby!

The wild vibrancy of Kitty’s new home in Havana must be infectious. Why else would the naturally cautious rum distiller have succumbed to the sudden desire to seize one night with a stranger? But if it’s shocking to learn that César is actually her powerful, elusive boss, it’s nothing compared to Kitty’s latest bombshell — she’s pregnant!

About the author

Trish Morey

Trish Morey

Trish always fancied herself a writer, but she dutifully picked gherkins and washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant on her way to earning herself an economics degree and a qualification as a chartered accountant instead. Work took her to Canberra where she promptly fell in love with a tall, dark and handsome hero who cut computer code, and marriage and four daughters followed, which gave Trish the chance to step back from her career and think about what she'd really like to do.Writing romantic fiction was at the top of the list, so Trish made a choice and followed her...
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Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller

Louise Fuller was a tomboy who hated pink and always wanted to be the prince. Not the princess! Now she enjoys creating heroines who aren’t pretty pushovers but strong, believable women. Before writing for Mills and Boon, she studied literature and philosophy at university and then worked as a reporter on her local newspaper. She lives in Tunbridge Wells with her impossibly handsome husband, Patrick and their six children.
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