Pregnant at the Palace Altar

Pregnant at the Palace Altar

Secrets of the Kalyva Crown #2

by Lorraine Hall


Imprint: Mills & Boon Modern

Release date: 2023-07-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781867287612


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Royal drama jumps off of the page in this surprise baby romance by Lorraine Hall!

‘We are having twins.’ And the King must claim them!

King Diamandis finds solace in hard facts and duty. So, after a reckless night of abandon results in two heirs, marriage is non-negotiable! The challenge is convincing his former assistant Katerina Floros to see that too...

Proud Katerina knows she’s totally unsuitable to be Diamandis’s queen. Yet, having been denied a relationship with her own father, she can’t deny her babies the same. And as she walks down the aisle, Katerina’s traitorous thoughts turn to their wedding night. Will she get another glimpse of the passionate man behind the throne?

Mills & Boon Modern — Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

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