Life & Love New Release Box Set June 2023/Billionaire's Second Chance in Paris/Pretend Honeymoon with the Best Man/The Brooding Doc and the S

Life & Love New Release Box Set June 2023/Billionaire's Second Chance in Paris/Pretend Honeymoon with the Best Man/The Brooding Doc and the S

by Rebecca Winters, Louisa Heaton, Andrea Bolter


Imprint: Mills & Boon Special Release

Release date: 2023-06-01

Pages: 568 Pages

ISBN: 9781867289890


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Pulse-racing passion and heartfelt love stories — experience the rush of falling in love!

Billionaire’s Second Chance in Paris - Rebecca Winters

Gorgeous billionaire Raoul is shocked when he bumps into software engineer Fleurine in Paris. They haven’t seen each other in ten years, not since they were denied their happy-ever-after, and he’s never forgotten her. Fleurine is more guarded than before, but the connection between them is stronger than ever. Yet with the past still threatening them, can they really claim their second chance?

Pretend Honeymoon with the Best Man - Andrea Bolter

Experience has taught unfussy maid of honour Laney Sullivan to have modest expectations of love and life. While best man Ian Luss is rich, successful and devastatingly handsome — and treats marriage like a merger! When circumstances throw them together on the newlyweds’ achingly romantic couples-only honeymoon, they decide they could both use the practice of pretending to be in a relationship. But what happens when practice makes perfect?

The Brooding Doc and the Single Mum - Louisa Heaton

Widowed GP Daniel is far from eager to start dating! But when single mum Dr Stacey join’s the surgery, she ignites a fire he long thought was lost. Stacey is surprised at the instant connection between her son and Daniel, but her instinct is to protect her little family. She’s too guarded to fall in love again, but in a small village they can’t keep away from each other…

Second Chance for the Village Nurse - Louisa Heaton

Both cautious nurse Hannah and gorgeous GP Zach want to overcome their past heartbreaks. But Hannah is floored when Zach suggests they ‘practice being on dates…together’! Encouraging Hannah out of her comfort zone brings them closer. But when the pretend dates start to feel real, the lines become blurred. Now Zach believes Hannah may be the second chance he’s been looking for, but is she ready to admit the same?

About the author

Louisa Heaton

Louisa Heaton

I'm a married mother of four (including a set of twins) and I live on an island in Hampshire. When not wrangling my children, husband or countless animals, I can often be found walking along the beach muttering to myself, as I work out plot points.In my spare time, I read a lot, quilt and patchwork, usually when I ought to be doing something else.
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Andrea Bolter

Andrea Bolter

Andrea Bolter has always been fascinated by matters of the heart. In fact, she’s the one her girlfriends turn to for advice with their love lives. A city mouse, she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. She loves travel, rock n’ roll, sitting at cafés, and watching romantic comedies she’s already seen a hundred times. Say hi at
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