The Drover's Brother Comes for Christmas

The Drover's Brother Comes for Christmas


by Darry Fraser


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2023-10-01

Pages: 112 Pages

ISBN: 9781867290629


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A woman longing for freedom, a man longing for a home. Can the magic of Christmas bring them together?

It’s 1890. Lizzie Naylor’s life is working in her grumpy father’s store in Munyup, trying to bring up her six-year-old daughter, Alice, who’s hellbent on finding herself a father. Christmas is nearing, and tempers are fraught, especially when mysterious Mr Nicholas is back with his pesky sidekick, Alf. Or Elf, as Alice calls him. And Elf is just about to make another big mistake.

Mack Miller has returned to the district to make peace with his brother, Shep. He’s weary of the life he’s led, the loss he’s experienced. He’s longed for home for a while, but the family farm had been a contentious issue between the brothers, and Shep and he have not spoken for years.

When Alice is quite taken with Mack, she tells him he’s a suitable contender for the role of being her father. But then someone from her mother, Lizzie’s past appears, and terrible trouble erupts. Alice is snatched away.

Lizzie will do anything to have her back, Mack will do anything to find her, and Elf must redeem himself.

Can Christmas, new to the town and its folk, work its special magic?

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Darry Fraser

Darry Fraser

Darry Fraser fell in love with the great Murray River when her family moved to her childhood town of Swan Hill in Victoria. Stories of the river have been with her ever since and it's where a number of her novels are set. Her stories are of ordinary people in nineteenth century Australia who are drawn into difficult circumstances - adventure, mystery and mayhem, love and life, and against the backdrop of historical events. Darry lives on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, very close to the mighty River Murray.To find out more, visit Darry on her website.You can also...
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