Finding Forever with the Single Dad

Finding Forever with the Single Dad

by Becky Wicks


Imprint: Mills & Boon Medical

Release date: 2023-09-01

Pages: 192 Pages

ISBN: 9781867293057


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When a GP returns home to Yorkshire, she doesn’t expect to get involved in her ex’s canine therapy business...or to fall for the single dad and his adorable twins! Find out more in this reunion romance from Becky Wicks.

An adorable family...she’s always dreamed of?

After a traumatic incident working overseas, Lucie returns to Yorkshire as a locum G.P. There she finds Austin — her former best friend and secret crush — is now a canine therapy psychiatrist and widowed single dad of twins. Lucie can’t risk falling in unrequited love with Austin again, not when she’ll be leaving soon. But learning that Austin is hiding affections for her too, dare she make her temporary home a forever one?

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About the author

Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks

Becky Wicks was born in 1979. She attended the Gleed School for Girls, also known as 'The Virgin Megastore' in small town Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. She studied media production at Lincoln University, but was writing freelance from the age of 14. She arrived in NYC in 2001 at age 21. She worked for a production company and wrote for a NYC restaurant guide, as well as a Brooklyn community mag (also dated the editor, who broke her heart). Back in London, from 2004 she worked for a travel and entertainment dot com which led her to theatre-land, interviewing West end...
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