Breaking Free

Breaking Free

by Renae Black


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2024-08-01

Pages: 256 Pages

ISBN: 9781867295143


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Will the dangerous consequences of her past allow her to risk her heart again?

Georgia Williams knows firsthand how love can turn violent. Running from her past, stalked by daily phone calls she refuses to answer, she arrives in the small country town of Gleneagle looking for a place to hide. And even though the local men - admittedly one rather attractive guy in particular - try to catch her attention, the last thing she needs is another man making her life a living hell.

Country boy Trent Turner works his family's cattle stud. After a childhood marked by tragedy, he's working hard to earn his father's approval. He dreams of one day running the farm and being a husband and a father himself. But, unlucky in love, he's losing hope of finding someone to share that dream with. When Trent meets Georgia, he can't help but bank his happily ever after on their sizzling attraction. With Georgia dodging his attention and his father having secret meetings with a city accountant, is it all for nothing?

Georgia can't avoid Trent entirely in their small town, and amid blossoming trust and deepening desire, she lowers her walls enough to let him in. As they grow closer, Trent notices the calls Georgia refuses to answer. Who's so desperate to speak with her? And what trouble will answering them lead to?


'A new rural voice has stamped her footprint on the red dirt of our vast land.' - Happyvalley_booksread

'Feel the heat of the sun and taste the dust of the outback in this stunning novel, a story of strength and resilience with love at its core.' - Australian author Penelope Janu on Red Dirt Home

'This was an utterly brilliant, deeply emotional debut novel.' - Kate_thebooklover on Red Dirt Home

About the author

Renae Black

Renae Black

Renae Black lives in Queensland with her husband and two young bookworms. By day she works as a social worker within the child protection industry. By night, she escapes to the romantic fictional realms of rural Australia that transport her back to her childhood home, a large property that bred cattle and hosted the odd ostrich sale.Find Renae on her website,, and on Facebook and Instagram.Photo credit: Carlie Wheeler Images
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