Four Night Stand

Four Night Stand


by Georgia Moore


Imprint: Escape Publishing

Release date: 2024-03-01

Pages: 304 Pages

ISBN: 9781867298526


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Two colleagues. One conference. No strings attached?

Two people who've been burned by past lovers settle for a conference fling while secretly wanting more.

Jules lives in her comfort zone. Years ago, taking a risk left her dumped and heartbroken, and now the status quo is her safe space. It's not so bad. She lives with two awesome friends, has a manageable crush on Cameron, a colleague she's never met in person, and her job ... well, she used to love her IT job at a publishing company. Now it feels like ticking a box. So when she's asked at the last minute to attend a conference, she figures it could be the thing she needs to reinspire her. And then she finds out Cameron is coming too.

Cameron left his last workplace abruptly after a break-up gone wrong. In a new city and a new team, he's content to keep everyone at arm's length so there's no chance of the past repeating. Except for one person in the IT department who always answers his calls for help, and shares his humour and taste in music. But they've never met face-to-face, so it doesn't count. Until they get sent to a conference together and suddenly, Cameron realises it does count. A lot.

Thrown together away from the office and their colleagues, Jules and Cameron decide to have a conference fling. It's risk-free and has a guaranteed amicable ending. But emotions are never predictable ...

'Four Night Stand is a great read - flirtatious fun becoming hot and spicy and layered with deep, emotional vulnerability.' - USA Today bestselling author Alyssa J. Montgomery

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Georgia Moore

Georgia Moore

Georgia Moore is an author of steamy contemporary romance. Her stories feature competent heroines who are still figuring out what they want from life, and heroes who've got emotional baggage to unpack.When not consuming copious amounts of pop culture (mostly romance novels), Georgia can be found singing in a choir, eating an endless amount of carbs, or being overly competitive at board games and trivia.To keep in touch with Georgia, sign up to her infrequent, but exciting newsletter.You can also follow Georgia on social media:Website: georgiamoorewriter.comInstagram:
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