Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 2


Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Well, that internet photo definitely didn’t do him justice. The hair seemed a little darker and in the flesh the man was built like a brick shithouse. Roxy smiled and liked the idea of buying his companionship more and more. He exuded raw energy when he burst through the door and laser-beamed to her.

Guess that much money does get a quality experience. Sexual electricity zapped in the air. Roxy made a mental note to buy Juliet a bottle of bubbly for this recommendation.

“Sorry. Traffic was thick.” He smiled and took her hand, kissed the back of it. “Let’s get out of here and I’ll make it up to you.” His smile could corrupt a female army of angels.

“Oh. We are still having lunch first, aren’t we?”

“I have the best place lined up. Do you like ribs?”

“I love ribs.” Her mouth watered. After a diet of fish, sago, and tropical fruit, a slab of meat would do just fine.

He took her other hand and pulled her up from the sofa, and she hooked her arm through the crook of his. He towered over her. “Thank you, Gregory.”

“Gregory couldn’t make it. I’m Rob.”

“Okay, thanks, Rob.” Bewdy. They must have upgraded me. Her jaws ached from the smile. Would you like fries with that? She knew she would not be using the two-hour-money-back guarantee with Rob. Bring it on.

Roxy finished the full rack of ribs with sticky sauce coating her fingers, and dripping down her chin. Okay, the chin part may be a bit gross. They weren’t the only patrons, so she licked her fingers and wiped her chin with a paper napkin.

“You’re enjoying those.” Rob’s voice thrummed into her body.

“I’m enjoying being myself and not having to worry what you might think of me.”

“It’s always nice to be yourself.”

“Hmm. I guess it’s the opposite for you. But you can be yourself around me. I doubt you’ll be seeing me again.” She finished off a few crisp chips and picked at the side salad.

“Never know.”

Roxy took a mouthful of beer and shook her head. “I doubt it. Unusual circumstances. I don’t make a habit of…it.”

Rob raised his eyebrows and flashed a wicked grin. “If it makes you this relaxed, maybe you should.”

Roxy laughed. “Now you sound like my best mate, Juliet. She said she’d met Gregory. Maybe you met her as well.”

“I meet a lot of people. Great view.”

Stupid. Shut up. He doesn’t need to be reminded he sold his body for a living. “It is a wonderful view, and the food, absolutely divine. I couldn’t eat another thing.”

“Would you like another drink?”

“Sure. Beer will be great.”

Rob signalled the waiter who took the order and cleared the plates. “What are you doing for dinner?”

Roxy laughed again. “I’m hoping we’ll be getting room service.”

His eyes, the clearest of blue, twinkled as he downed the last of his drink. “No problem.” He leaned in toward her. “I haven’t enjoyed my job so much in a long time.”

Roxy felt the heat in her cheeks. Stupid blushing when this was the arrangement. She’d paid for romance and she’d damn well have romance.

The waiter set down the fresh drinks and Rob picked his up and held it towards hers. Roxy clinked with a huge grin. “To one night in paradise,” he said.

Man, this lady was all sorts of hot. The sight of her pink tongue licking the remains of her lunch almost had him compromised right there at the table. He still couldn’t be sure, but he assumed she’d paid for a companion for the night.

He’d whipped her out of the hotel fast in case Gregory turned up. She’d turned her phone off when he arrived, so he didn’t have to worry about anyone calling her about a mix up.

Yes, this was wrong. So very wrong. He had no right to pretend. But he couldn’t blow his cover and if she was paying for sex, she was clearly as strung out as he was after his six months of watching her in a bikini. What could it hurt? They’d both get what they needed and she’d be safe.

“Just one more question, then I won’t mention it again.” Roxy lowered her voice to just above a whisper. “Is the meal already covered in your price?”

“Sure. All sorted out.” Rob didn’t mind paying for the meal at all. “What do you do?”

Her eyes widened and she swallowed. “Do?”

“For work. You know, a job.”

“Oh. Of course.” Her shoulders relaxed as she exhaled. “I thought you meant…never mind. I’m a journalist.”


“Very. Right now, I’m living in a village on a small island that’s part of Papua New Guinea.”

“Hardcore. Aren’t you afraid?”

“At times.” She shrugged. “But someone has to show the world the truth.”

“How long have you been there?”

“Three months. On the upside, I’ve never been this tanned or fit.”

“Lucky me.” He placed his hand over hers and fireworks exploded in her head. Maybe that was the beer; she’d better ease up. This was too much outlay to forget a second because of an alcohol cloud. His thumb lazily rubbed over the back of her hand.

It seemed totally crazy, but Roxy felt a connection here, a real attraction. Her desire tightened low in her belly and suddenly she just wanted his hands on her. Every second counted. She had never felt this confident or relaxed around a man. The freedom empowered her.

No need for pretence, no emotional barriers. One hit and get away clean. Not like the lying debacle she’d called a relationship…Even the primitive village wasn’t far enough away from that humiliation.

“How about a swim? It’s a beautiful day, and it’s only three o clock.”

“Actually, I have a better idea. My suite has a spa.” Roxy drank the rest of her beer and sat the empty glass on the table.

The look of desire in his eyes surprised her. Yeah, it was his job, but his enthusiasm seemed above and beyond the call of duty. Talk about a professional.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Tomorrow – things heat up.

20833In the sticky, steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, they fight for the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. They didn’t expect to have to fight for their own.

All investigative journalist Roxy Williams wanted was a hot one-night stand: quick, dirty, and completely one-off. A business transaction to ease stress, loosen tension, and allow her to get right back to her job — exposing the heart-breaking realities of people smuggling. So when all hell breaks loose in a small village on Papua New Guinea, the last person Roxy expects to see is her one-night-stand and male escort, Rob, with a boat, a beach, and an escape plan!

Rob is supposed to be long-gone from this assignment, but after their one night together, he can’t seem to let Roxy go. Using all his resources, Rob risks his job to keep track of her — and when a huge storm threatens, he goes after the sexy journalist. Now they’re together, in danger, and fighting for their lives. People smuggling is a big money industry, and the smugglers are playing for keeps.

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