Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 4


Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 4

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. This is NSFW, and hot.

Chapter Four

The heated, bubbling water still over his hips, Rob took Roxy’s hands and drew her back in to the tub. The soft skin of her shoulder slid like silk under his lips. Her breasts were just over a handful of perfection, as he cupped them from behind. The citrus scent of her hair filled his nostrils as he found his way to nibble her ear.

Rock hard and wanting to lose his cock in the rippling pleasure of her pussy had pushed him to the brink, but he’d clued in to the fact she needed to be in control. Rob sat in the corner of the spa; Roxy nestled back in his lap. He grabbed the complimentary bottle of massage oil, flicked it open, and squeezed it over his hand.

The bottle floated off and he smoothed the scented oil over both hands. He massaged her breasts from behind again, paying particular attention to the hardened nipples. She arched back into him and, in his sorry state, he felt every movement.

“I want to fuck you so bad.” He spoke the words low into her ear. “I want to ram into you until you scream for me to stop.”


He took his hands from her breasts and spread the massage oil up over her shoulder and neck. Like a brick wall. Rob worked his fingers and thumbs over her knotted muscles. He’d watched the loads she carried to and from the camp, knew she’d be tense. She not only lived in the village, she’d helped build it. He worked his thumbs in circles at the base of the back of her neck and down between her shoulder blades.

Roxy groaned and mewled and let her head fall forward. “Awesome. Love a massage.”

“Feels like you needed it. Carry bricks for a living?”

“Something like that.”

Rob ached for her, but one thing he did know was patience paid off, so he continued rubbing her back and around her waist and worked back up to tweak her nipples.

“As much as I’d like to be inside you right here, I’m not convinced condoms work so well under water.”

She turned around then, and kissed his lips. When her hand squeezed his cock, it was Rob’s turn to close his eyes and groan. She kissed his chest and nipples and increased the stroking. “Do you come every time….for every…client?”

“No.” Technically not a lie.

“I want you to come for me. I want you to enjoy this as well.”

“Roxy, I haven’t enjoyed anything so much for a long, long time.” His hips lifted from the seat when her grip and speed increased. “And that is a fact.”

“Well, then. You won’t mind if I make you come just like this, then, will you?”

The friction and the pressure was such he could only squeeze his eyes shut and shake his head.

He was thick and long in her hand and she wanted to make him lose control. Somehow, if he came too, it made this less clinical, less of a performance on his part. Logic told her that it shouldn’t matter — she’d made a good sound decision and she was the only one with anything to lose, but the woman in her wanted to know this god of a man would remember every damn second with Roxy Williams.

She’d never been much for the look of a penis. Always laughed how they all looked the same given a few individual nuances, but Rob’s was perfect. Smooth, large, and she just bet he knew how to use it. Of course he did.

She worked him, slowly now, squeezing harder. She traced the droplet of excitement with the tip of a finger. He was completely powerless to the impending orgasm; his body tensed impossibly tight, head lolled back, eyes squeezed tight.

Every inch of him was poised to hold back what she wanted the most, to make him come, to be in control, to make him feel something for her, even if only in this moment. Roxy stood to get even more leverage, and pumped, almost yanked him as fast as she could. “If you want to fuck me, you better come on me first. Let me see if your orgasm is worthy of being in my pussy.”

His trembling began.

“Yeah. You love it hard, don’t you? Come on.”

He swelled in her grip, tell-tale droplets glistened on his smooth head. “Rob. Come for me. Come over me.” She demanded in a low growl. The power of having a man at her mercy thrilled her “Next orgasm will be inside me. Fucking my brains out.”

He exploded, with a gruff, throaty noise, pumping and pumping until he lay semi-flaccid in her hand. His mouth powered over hers, his tongue demanding her tongue as if in penance for the way she’d brought him undone. She opened to him and he crushed her body to his.

For all that was good in this world, he was solid between her thighs again. So soon.

There really is a God, she thought. And he is right here with me.

Rob stepped out of the tub and pulled her up with him, never losing the connection of skin on skin until he threw her, wet and hot, onto the king-size bed.

“Condoms, top draw.”

“How do you want it?”

Well, there went the niceties. She liked him more and more. “Hard.”

His grin was almost maniacal, animal, and his eyes flashed a warning. “Oh, you’ll get it hard.” He slid the condom into place and rubbed his length a few times. Roxy couldn’t take her eyes from him until he got her attention with his stone-cold order. “Turn over.”

On all fours now, Roxy arched her arse up to him. He answered her with a sound slap on her butt cheek, and then rubbed the sting away with deft hands. “Your arse is made for spanking. But later.”

Roxy wasn’t sure how she felt about that, but she was sure she wanted to find out. His fingers drilled into her hips held her steady. “You’re so wet. I can see it.”

She felt the round head of his cock at her opening and squeezed as tight as she could. Make him fight for it. “You made me that way.”

“You’ll be a lot wetter by the time I finish.” He pulled back on her hips and slid himself home. The slice of pleasure-pain took her and her back arched so hard Roxy worried her spine would snap.

“Yeah. You wanted it hard. You need it hard. Dirty.”

Another slap rang out on her left bottom cheek and Roxy cried out.

He showed no mercy as he slammed his cock into her. She wanted it more, wanted it harder, wanted it all. He did not let her down. Just when the spitfires began to form before her eyes, his fingers pressed to her throbbing clit and circled there long enough for orgasm to break her apart from the inside out.

She screamed. Screamed dirty swear words. Screamed his name. He kept at her, kept thrusting, circling, and somehow holding her up with one powerful arm. The pressure on her clit increased, and she wanted more. Just when everything in her body said she should be finishing, she wanted — needed — more.

Rob obliged, his hard cock never letting up, and the arm supporting her went away. She face-planted into the soft quilt, the material grazing over her sensitive nipples with every forward movement she made. God, she could stay here for ever, like this. The next orgasm was a foregone conclusion. Then she felt a tickle in the place she’d never had touched before, a slow circular movement around the outside of that most protected erogenous place.

She tensed a little, and he just kept circling, not violating, just teasing her there. “Play with your clit.” His demand was as deep and rough as the cock impaling her. Roxy touched herself, rubbing frantic and fast. His finger behind massaged deeper “I’m going to come.” His voice, desperate and raw.

Rob rammed her with his cock and slid his fingertip inside her untouched place and her body erupted into an explosion of pleasure. Roxy drove her body backwards wanting to be filled everywhere and she could not be sure she didn’t black out for a millisecond.

Rob’s roar seared through the room and he collapsed his body over hers, pulling her to lie on her side, holding her close and still breathing expletives into her ear. She couldn’t agree more. Best fucking sex, fucking ever.

She wondered how many other women he’d pleasured that way. He probably did that to women every day.

“Don’t get any crazy ideas. I’ve never, ever lost it that way before. Intense. Fucking awesome.”

Just add mindreading to the wonderment that was Rob. “I wasn’t worried.”

“If you say so.”

Roxy wasn’t sure she could move, but she had to. This felt far too cosy and emotional for the situation. “I’m going to use the bathroom and grab a cold drink. Want anything?” He let her go and moved off the bed behind her.

“I’ll shower I think, and I need some serious food. Starvin’ Marvin.” He called from the bathroom. “Are we ordering in? Or do you want to go out?”

“Depends.” Just thinking about how he felt inside her had her desire humming again. There was no way any follow up sex could be that good. She heard him washing his hands.

“I may lose the little remaining skin on my dick, but I’m willing to take the risk.”

Roxy laughed. “We’ll get room service.”

She’d paid for the whole night and she’d damn well have it. When her plane left at midday tomorrow, she’d go back a different woman. “Sweet.” Rob sauntered out past the bed and headed for the kitchenette in the living room. She heard the fridge open and close and his glorious, naked self came back in. Perfection in male anatomy. Who needed a commitment?

This was way easier. Buy male company when she needed it.

“So, do you want a drink?” He sipped on a can of lemonade.

“Not right now. I’m going to look online for places that deliver.”

“I’ll grab a shower. Welcome to join me.”

Roxy looked at his cocked eyebrow and half grin and threw her tablet aside on the bed. She’d order later.

Too easy.

Find out what happens next – tomorrow!

20833In the sticky, steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, they fight for the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. They didn’t expect to have to fight for their own.

All investigative journalist Roxy Williams wanted was a hot one-night stand: quick, dirty, and completely one-off. A business transaction to ease stress, loosen tension, and allow her to get right back to her job — exposing the heart-breaking realities of people smuggling. So when all hell breaks loose in a small village on Papua New Guinea, the last person Roxy expects to see is her one-night-stand and male escort, Rob, with a boat, a beach, and an escape plan!

Rob is supposed to be long-gone from this assignment, but after their one night together, he can’t seem to let Roxy go. Using all his resources, Rob risks his job to keep track of her — and when a huge storm threatens, he goes after the sexy journalist. Now they’re together, in danger, and fighting for their lives. People smuggling is a big money industry, and the smugglers are playing for keeps.

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