Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 6


Above and Beyond – The Beginning: Chapter 6

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Part 4 is here. Part 5 is here. This, sadly, is the last installment – but luckily you can find details about Roxy and Rob below!

Chapter Six

Roxy woke encapsulated by a powerful male body. Rob. She smiled and moved just slightly. Why would anyone ever want to move from this? She could feel his cock, soft, between her pussy lips. It also felt decidedly damp down that way, and she throbbed a little, in a good way. In a not-long-had-an-orgasm way. Did he? Her fingers went to her moist pubic hair, yep he did. He never penetrated her.

Jesus, for a male prostitute he sure was an upstanding citizen. Her body tingled from the many positions where she’d found climax, and the thoroughness in the way he’d fucked her. Oh man. Just five more minutes here.

Then her brain kicked into gear. What was the time? Her plane left at midday. She had to be at the airport by eleven, and the stream of light coming through the crack in the curtains seemed awfully bright. She threw Rob’s arm from over her and leaped from under the covers. The digital clock display blinked at her from the sideboard. Holy shit! It was already ten thirty.

“You okay?” His deep voice thrilled through her even in her panicked state.

“It’s fucking ten thirty and I have a plane to catch and I haven’t done anything I was going to do, and you’re still here, and…this won’t cost me any extra, will it? Because I haven’t got the time to go to the website and pay more and I don’t want to be in debt to a brothel.” She scurried about shoving things into her small carry-on case, taking the free biscuits. The village children would love those.

“You’ve read How to win friends and influence people several times, huh?”

“This is no time for jokes. I cannot miss that plane. People are depending on me.” She realised he was out of bed and pulling on his clothes, and, God, she was still naked. He picked up anything he saw of hers and came over to push it into her bag. “Thanks. Can you call me a cab? Or call reception to call me one?”

“Sure.” He went to the phone.

Roxy rushed to the bathroom. She needed a shower. Lord only knew when she’d get another one, and she couldn’t go back to the island smelling of sex. But she had no time. She had to get downstairs to the taxi and would she even have time to get there?

“You have ten minutes. Jump in the shower. I’ll find you some clean clothes in your bag.”

“There’s underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt in the side pocket.” The stream of hot water coursed over her skin and Roxy got to work with the soap and flannel washing away last night. Damn.

Clothes flew through the door as she towelled herself off. “Thanks.” Why the fuck was he helping her? Maybe she was wrong, but this seemed pretty weird.

“I’ll call the airport and see about your flight.” His voice was so sexy. Stop it.

She pulled on her clothes and roughed her hair up a bit with her fingers. It would have to do.

She did a last minute scope of the suite and couldn’t see anything. Her bag, her phone, passport, visa, and her wallet were all there. She shoved her feet into her slip-on sandals. Ten minutes and she was ready. Record!

“Taxi will be waiting outside the foyer. Your flight is delayed by fifteen minutes and they’ll check you through as soon as you arrive.”

“Right.” How organised was this man? Roxy bolted out the door, dragging her case into the waiting elevator with open doors straight across the hall. He couldn’t have arranged that? He stepped in beside her.

“Well. Thanks. Um…it’s been nice.”

He glared at her across the lift and closed the gap between them in no time flat. His mouth possessed hers and she’d soon be soiling these clean panties if his tongue owned hers for much longer. As soon as she ran out of breath, he let her go, almost flung her from him. “Nice is an insult.”

“Sorry. I didn’t realise you people rated these things. My bad.” The lift doors opened and she struck out for the foyer doors and the taxi waiting there. He was close behind and if she didn’t know better, she’d say he was as mad as a meat axe.

Rob opened the back taxi door, grabbing her case and stowing it in the boot, then he got into the front seat.

“What’re you doing?” Her eyes met his in the rear vision mirror.

“I’m coming to help.”

“You’ve done enough. I’m fine.”

The angry stare she got back in answer silenced her. Okay, okay. Be anal. All the male hookers in the city and I have to get the responsible one. They travelled the fifteen minutes in awkward silence. Her body spoke to his though and his answered back in no uncertain terms. What the fuck? This was supposed to be a night of fun and then hit the road, Jack. Where was all this sexual angst coming from?

Roxy switched on her phone and waited for it to update her messages and any missed calls. Two messages. One from Juliet. One to tell her she had a voice message. She texted Juliet saying she’d slept in and would fill her in later with details. She turned her phone off to conserve what little battery power was left. The taxi navigated into the drop off zone and stopped.

“Thanks.” Roxy handed the driver thirty bucks. “Keep the change.”

Rob already had her case out by the time she got to the boot of the car. “Let’s go. You have fifteen minutes to check through.”

“I’m fine. Really.”

“No time to argue. Let’s go.” Rob took off at a blistering pace towards terminal one. Roxy had to jog to keep up.

They checked her through with lightning speed and unusual politeness. “What gate are you leaving from?” He walked beside her.

“Does it matter?” The security screening was close.

“I guess not.”

“Tell me you are not coming through the security with me?”

He didn’t say a word. He’d actually been considering it? This just got crazier.

“No. Seriously, you are scaring me. I know I paid for attentiveness, but this is a little freaky.” Roxy put her carry-on case and hand bag up on the conveyor belt.

“What if I told you that last night wasn’t my usual line of work?”

Roxy’s heart dropped through to her feet. “What?”

“Let’s just say I was doing a favour for a mate.”

“Oh. My. God. I thought…what we did….You could have told me.” Roxy’s face burned all the way down her neck.

Rob pulled her in close to his body, his arms holding her captive against him. “Would you have had as good a time if I did?”



She looked up into his deep blue eyes and somehow she couldn’t be mad. She’d wanted adventure and she’d got it. “Well, thanks, I guess. I hope I get my money back.”

“I’m sure you’ll work it out.”

The final boarding call for her flight came. “I have to go. This is totally fucked up. I don’t know what to say.”

“You are an incredible woman, Roxy Williams. Everything a man could ever want. You save that for someone special. Take care.” He kissed her on the lips, a gentle, loving, tender kiss. Her insides melted and she did not want to walk away from him. “I won’t see you again, will I?” It wasn’t a question, more of a realisation.

“It’s unlikely.”

Tears formed and she pushed away, walked through the security gate, picked up her belongings, and headed for her plane. She didn’t have time. She’d got what she wanted: Incredible sex and no strings attached. She’d gotten far more than she’d ever imagined possible and when the bite marks and sore muscles faded, Roxy was certain the memories would be strong.

She smiled at the attendant as she boarded the plane. Yes, she was happy. That was once-in-a-lifetime stuff. Now she had a job to do revealing the truth. One day, just maybe, she’d find that kind passion to keep for a lifetime. Roxy knew she could never settle for anything less now.

Wait. How did he know her last name?

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