An Escape Love Story – and We Brought Friends


An Escape Love Story – and We Brought Friends

0213 VDay Escape WebBannerV1We’ve cooked up a great idea – a way to meet Escape Artists in a fun, fresh, and – we  definitely hope – flirty way.

Allow me to introduce the Escape Artists latest project – A Love Story: One man. One woman. One meet-cute. One story. One twist – no one knows what is going to happen next.

Over the next month, thirty Escape Artists will write a brand new romance story, 200 words at a time. Each author gets twenty-four hours to write 200-word segment. She only knows what’s gone on before; she has no idea what will happen next.

Starting on the 14th of February with Rhian Cahill, right here on the Escapade Blog,the story will bring together five continents, a multitude of time zones, thirty authors, and countless readers in one big, bold experiment.


Kind of like love 😉

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