ARRA Nominee – Juliet Madison


ARRA Nominee – Juliet Madison

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In the lead-up to the Australian Romance Reader (ARRA) awards, we’re featuring one of the nominated authors in a special online dating voting profile. You can review this profile for free and see if you’re a match, and if so, you may choose to vote for this author in the ARRA awards (voting closes 5th March!).

Today’s featured profile is from author: JULIET MADISON

Juliet has been nominated in the Favourite New Romance Author category in the ARRA awards. Members of ARRA can now vote, or if you’re not yet a member, you can join here.

JULIET MADISON <insert best available photo that sets high expectations and probably looks nothing like you do in everyday life>:

About: Single, female, thirty-something, newly-published author seeks votes for Favourite New Romance Author in the Australian Romance Reader Awards.

Occupation: Author of humorous and heart-warming fiction – ro-magic comedy, coastal romance, and women’s fiction.

8875What I’m looking for in my ideal reader/voter:

  • enjoys long, romantic walks on the beach (sorry for the cliché, couldn’t resist).
  • forgives the occasional cliché (in blog posts at least).
  • enjoys a good belly laugh.
  • likes books with uplifting endings.
  • is open to a few magical twists in their stories.
  • is tolerant of numerous Dirty Dancing references in books.
  • thinks sweet, heart-warming stories never go out of style.
  • likes their authors to be prolific and versatile.
  • falls in love easily with fictional heroes (monogamy not required).
  • bonus points if you know what an e-pad is and which version of the SlimFX Magic Suit has the expandable release valve to ensure the continuation of the female race.

What to expect from an author-reader relationship with me:

  • 19908More than one book a year. For example, the last 12 months has resulted in five books ready & eager to be read, and there are more on the way.
  • Variety.  I write a few different styles including fun & wacky romantic comedies with a touch of magic (ro-magic), sweet emotional contemporary romance and uplifting women’s fiction, and have started branching out into supernatural YA (watch this space).
  • Lots of social media interaction. I reply to readers on twitter, I comment on Facebook, I share links & pictures of vitally important things like Dirty Dancing trivia, cute things, & bookish quotes that only authors and avid readers really understand. I also have a new readers group for my Tarrin’s Bay series with exclusive sneak peeks and fun.
  • Lots of competitions. Regular book giveaways from myself and other authors, and other prize give-aways, freebies, and goodies. Basically, I love to give away free stuff. It’s fun 🙂
  • Lots of uses of the phrase ‘lots of’.
  • Fun online events. Facebook parties with no-calorie virtual food & drinks, prizes, chats. At my last event there was a wishing fountain! And if there’s a celebrity you’d like to visit, just say the word.
  • Excerpts from current & upcoming books. I’m not shy, I love to share my work with readers & give little sneak peeks. Sometimes I’m too impatient waiting for a book to release so I’ll share some bits with you 😉
  • A chance to collaborate. Want your name to be a character? There may be a chance! Want to help me name businesses in my small town series? I’ll be asking! Help me create the foundation of my stories.

Overall, I’m not interested in a one-book-stand. No flings for me. I’m committed to you, my reader, and promise to love writing, honour readers, & disobey any rules that say I should be doing housework instead, till death do us part.

I do. Do you?

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