ARRA Nominees – Jennifer Brassel


ARRA Nominees – Jennifer Brassel

9087Why I’d like to win the ARRA Award … Jennifer Brassel

What do you get four-year-old for her birthday – a little girl who is spoiled absolutely rotten and rules the entire house? Who has my hubby totally at her mercy? Toys? She’s got lots of those (more than is probably good for her). And a cake? Well, that goes without saying.

What she needs is a surprise … something unique. Something inspiring. Something no other four-year-old could boast.

My little girl turns four a couple of days before the ARRA awards are announced and I really must credit her for helping Secret Reflection become a finalist. She has this habit of distracting me with games when I get the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ and for the most part she’s very patient while I get on a roll … even forgiving me if I’m a bit late for her dinnertime.

So even though she’s too young to appreciate it, I’d be tickled pink to bring that ARRA trophy home to her!

Meet my little girl, Cordy:

photo1Jennifer is nominated for Favourite Paranormal Romance.

List of finalists:

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