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Australian Small-Town Romance Books, Movies & TV Shows We Love


Australian Small-Town Romance Books, Movies & TV Shows We Love

Love reading books and watching TV shows/movies set in Australia? Dream of escaping to small country towns, the beach or the bush?

These books, movies and TV shows are perfect for you!

If you love… the country

Snowy Mountains Cattleman by Alissa Callen

Snowy Mountains Cattleman

A woman’s journey of self-discovery meets Bundilla’s small-town charm and an intriguing post-World War II mystery in this captivating romance from bestselling Australian author Alissa Callen.

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The Secret Daughter (2016-2017)

Finding herself in hot water with the local hood, Billie pretends to be the secret daughter of Jack Norton in order to escape town, which suddenly lands her in the middle of a grieving family.

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Outback Secrets by Rachael Johns

Outback Secrets (A Bunyip Bay Novel, #5)

Henri’s mother will stop at nothing to have her settled down back in her hometown of Bunyip Bay, and while Henri had always known domesticity wasn’t the life for her, now she wonders what her future holds. So when Liam – always the first to lend a hand to those in need – agrees to play along with Henri’s scheme to ward off her mother, she has mixed feelings. What happens when a pretend romance starts to feel like the real thing?

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McLeod’s Daughters (2001 – 2009)

Two sisters Claire and Tess reunite after 20 years when they inherit a cattle station after their father’s death. They face various hurdles in running “Drover’s Run”.

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Paperback Hero (1999)

Jack Willis is a handsome road-train driver with a secret – he has just become a top-selling romance novelist.

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If you love… the coast

Seachange (1998-2000)

A big city lawyer is prompted to undergo a ‘seachange’ with her children and becomes the magistrate at the small coastal town of Pearl Bay, where the family comes to love its people and the quality time with each other.

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Osprey Reef by Annie Seaton

Osprey Reef

Love. Greed. Revenge. And a desperate search for answers … 

Against the stunning backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef, two women in different eras discover how their hearts and fortunes are swayed by the secrets of the sea.

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Clouds On The Horizon by Penelope Janu

Clouds on the Horizon

Will a misunderstanding and past trauma stand in the way of profound attraction? Immovable determination meets irresistible charm in this delightful rural romance from an award-winning and much-loved author – for readers of Rachael Johns, Karly Lane and Fleur McDonald.

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Since We Last Met by Bronwyn Sell

Cover image - Since We Last Met

Five years ago, Carmen and Bruno spent the night together. Their daughter, Mika, was born nine months later … but Bruno doesn’t know she exists. Can the couple find each other, and the truth, in a tropical island paradise? A sparkling romance for readers of Alissa Callen and Penelope Janu.

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If you love… the desert

Top End Wedding (2019)

Lauren and Ned have 10 days to find Lauren’s mother who has gone AWOL in the remote far north of Australia so that they can reunite her parents and pull off their dream wedding.

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Return of the Outback Hero by Kelly Hunter

Return of the Outback Billionaire

The billionaire is back. And he has a startling proposal!

Seven years ago, Judah Blake took the fall for a crime he didn’t commit, to save Bridie Starr. Now his family’s land is in her hands, and to reclaim his slice of the Australian outback, he’s got an announcement!

Photographer Bridie’s always idolised Judah, to whom she owes her life. Until the moment he springs a very public engagement on her! As they thrash out the terms of their new relationship, she will have to reckon with the untameable attraction that makes even cautious Bridie long to be wild…

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