Birthday month – Our November titles and a gift for you!


Birthday month – Our November titles and a gift for you!

Sure, technically, birthdays only happen on a day, but I say go big or go home. And in this case, that means having a whole month of Happy Birthday celebrations. What can I say? We’re self-indulgent.

But first, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our November 2013 titles, the titles that round out the first year of Escape’s existence.

19577Awakening – Lara Morgan. Missing Game of Thrones? I’ve got a perfect remedy: this lush, rich, meaty, fabulous, debut-in-a-trilogy fantasy romance about an orphan girl with a special gift, a desert boy who can only guess at his destiny, an ancient conflict – and dragons. Did I mention dragons? There’s romance and beautiful world-building…but also dragons. That’s the important bit, right?

19569Lace and LeadMA Grant. This story blew me away with its originality and fast-paced action. If you’ve ever been curious about futuristic or SF romance, may I suggest you get on board with blue-blooded Emmaline, ruthless mercenary Peirce, and the lies they are about to expose.

19570A Warlord’s Lady – Nicola E Sheridan. Like your romance hot, your settings steamy, and your syndromes slightly Stockholm? This is a fantastic new paranormal romance about a Warlord desperate to save his people, the woman he takes captive, and the sexy tell-all book she writes all about it.

19571Impossible Desires – Tamsin Baker. What’s impossible about this book is putting it down – a Regency erotic romance about a widow who gave up control in her first marriage and refuses to ever cede it again, and an earl who has desires that even he can’t understand. Both Gareth and Eleanor have dark desires- and they can only find fulfilment with each other.

19575Love, in Writing – Elsa Winckler. Love a book about books? Then this one is for you: meet Graham, a hardcore SF writer with no time for love and Margaret, a tender-hearted bookshop author/romance writer who believes in forever. Is the pen mightier than Cupid’s arrow?

19578Dancing on Air – Nicole Hurley-Moore. If, like me, you’ve got a soft spot for all things historical, then you need to check out this fairy tale romance about a ballet dancer and the younger son of an aristocrat in Victorian England. It’s edgy historical romance with a Cinderella edge.

19572Mango Kisses – Elisabeth Rose. Our sweet author of sweet romances publishes her third romance with us this month, about a workaholic accountant, a laid-back surf shop owner, a small coastal town, a host of wonderful secondary characters, and a Kissing College.

19576Tearing the Shroud – JM Bray. Escape welcomes another male author to our family, and a new New Adult title with a retro twist: set in 1984, this novel follows two would-be heroes who must band together to save the world…with the help of their game master, their gaming friends, and the women they love. College just got complicated – and romance just got a bit more awesome.

19573Almost Mine – Lea Darragh. A deep, emotional novel about a woman who can’t see what’s right in front of her nose, and doesn’t know what she’s got ’til it’s gone. This is the novel for lovers of beta heroes, well-earned happy-ever-afters, and a tissue or two during a reading.

19574Mistaken Identity – Alyssa J Montgomery. This romance defines fun: it has everything you love in vintage category titles; identical twins, mistaken identities, rich, powerful Greek tycoons that only need the love of a good woman to bring them to their knees…all wrapped up in a contemporary package. Perfect for an indulgent afternoon or a sunny beach read.

Okay, there you have it – and now for the good stuff. As part of our birthday celebrations, we have give-aways and special sales, and I didn’t want to be left out. So I’m giving away five (5) Escape titles to random commentors on this blog – just comment to win your choice of one novel from the entirety of Escape’s first year catalogue. Here they are, for your consideration. Get commenting, and get winning!