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July Releases

It’s Canada Day! To celebrate our friends in the Great White North (and, also, everyone else), we bring you our…Read more

Call Me ‘Your Hotness’

Think characters over 40 can’t have a happy-ever-after? Think again. Escape Artist, and PhD candidate Sandra Antonelli tells it like…Read more

The Perfect Hero

Does he exist? It’s a question I get asked an awful lot (often followed up with something along the lines…Read more

Call for Submissions

Here’s a fun fact: if you submit to Escape now, you can be a published (or multi-published) author by Christmas….Read more

First Kisses

by Kate It’s my absolute pleasure to be judging the First Kiss contest for the Romance Writers of Australia this…Read more

May Releases

(apologies for the lateness of this post – I thought I’d scheduled it for 1 May. Turns out I’d scheduled…Read more