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Monster-off: Mixed Race

Scarlett Dawn doesn’t want to settle… Mixed races take boundaries, eye them, then give a negligent shrug before pissing on…Read more

Monster-off: Nephilim

Bek Turner argues that angels are good…in every way. A Bitches Brew to Creating Sexy, Brooding Nephilim Legend has it…Read more

Monster-off: Fae

Carly Drake talks about the benefit of going off with the fairies… If you don’t want your date to accidentally…Read more

Monster-off: Ghosts

Jenny Brassel gets a bit spirit-ual… A Ghost: the ultimate romantic hero Remember Swayze as Sam in the movie Ghost?…Read more

Monster-off: Mermen

Ros Baxter goes under the sea… You know, I never thought of mermen as particularly sexy.  Fish, right? You know,…Read more


Here at Escape Publishing, we love monsters. All monsters. Monsters with teeth, monsters with fangs, monsters with magic, monsters with…Read more