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Can You Fall In Love With A Theatre?


Can You Fall In Love With A Theatre?

At the center of Daniel de Lorne’s upcoming book Set the Stage is young architect Gabriel Mora’s vision for the Riverdale Community Theatre, and his mother’s love of the venue that’s been her artistic home. So we’ve scoured the globe to find five of the most swoon-worthy theatres you simply must see.

Bristol Old Vic – Bristol UK


Bristol’s Old Vic theatre underwent a major renovation that combined the historic with the modern, bringing the theatre into the 21st Century. The result is a blend of those classic features we love and a bright new energy – just like the plays it puts on. Sexy red doors built into the rough brickwork and cascading staircases that lead to every corner of the theatre. It’s the kind of space you could happily get lost in for hours. A latticework of balconies overlook the theatre’s foyer & bar, making it the perfect place for people-watching.


Rhike Park, Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall – Tbilisi, Georgia

Okay this one may be more of a concert venue than a traditional theatre, but the sheer look of the Rhike Park Music Theatre was too beautiful to ignore. The building catches the eye like a couture gown hitting the runway. Soaring over the skyline of Old Tbilisi, the smooth curves of the dual cones hide a deeper structure. Sexy, seductive and just a little bit alien-looking. It’s ever so enticing.


The Royal National Theatre, London UK

London’s Royal National Theatre may be an acquired taste at first sight, with it’s jagged edges and tough exterior. But beneath the brooding frontage is the warm heart of British theatre. This Brutalist complex houses three separate stages, multiple restaurants and bars, a book shop, a pub and the theatre’s enormous costume & set design departments – it literally has it all on the banks of the river Thames. If you get the chance to do a backstage tour, we heartily recommend it – this rough brute of a building has hidden depths worth exploring.

Linxia Grand Theater, Linxia City, Gansu Province, China

China’s Linxia Grand Theatre is a jewel-box waiting to be opened. This spherical theatre looks like it was passionately woven together, piece-by-piece to build a temple to the arts. The intricate, snowflake-like exterior hides the engineering marvel inside – this is a thoroughly modern theatre ready to bloom at any moment.


Sydney Opera House

We weren’t about to skip over the icon of Australian stage, the Sydney Opera House. There’s literally no other theatre like it, from the drama theatre below to the sweeping “sails” above, it defines Australian art & culture like no other building can. The combination of performing arts and a harbour-side location make it the perfect spot for a romantic date and once the current interior renovation is completed it will only look & sound even better. The Sydney Opera House is one of our crowning jewels.

Love theatrical romance? Check out One From the Heart

He’s the Banksy of the international theatre scene – daring, anonymous, renowned. So when playwright ‘Draven’ bequeaths his latest play to the rural Rivervue Theatre, the stage is set for drama.


By Chad Armstrong
Featured Image Credit: Pexels @Mudassir Ali

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