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Can’t wait for Bridgerton to come back? Here’s 15 shows to watch while you wait


Can’t wait for Bridgerton to come back? Here’s 15 shows to watch while you wait

I wonder how many of us devoured the new season of Bridgerton only to realise we now have to wait TWO years for more episodes. I have the perfect solution – here is a stack of shows that you can binge to get your Bridgerton-adjacent fix.

Of course, there are so many things that make Bridgerton great – big hairstyles and even bigger wigs, epic costumes, a bit of regency action, diversity, drama, intrigue, a look behind the scenes of high society, a quirky bunch of characters, a Spotify-worthy soundtrack and, of course, lots of sex, love and romance – other series have a lot to live up to!


If you love sumptuous wigs


If you love a show with an epic wig and hair budget, then make sure you watch the queen of wigs herself in Marie Antionette. So far it only has one season but that one season is a really good one. Queen Charlotte from Bridgerton was friends with Marie in real life, which explains their mutual love of a giant wig. Both the men and the women in Bridgerton have really upped the ante in the spectacular hairstyles department. Shows such as Versailles and The Great will satisfy any fan of a theatrical bouffant hairstyle.

Watch Marie Antionette on Disney +

Rent Versailles on Apple TV, Google Play or YouTube

Watch The Great on Stan

If you relish some historical intrigue


If drama, intrigue and secrets are more your thing then shows like Belgravia, Mary and George and The Serpent Queen are the ones to watch. While two of these are set in royal courts, they all carry the same message – to know a secret is to have power. Where there are secrets, intrigue and drama is not far behind.

Watch Belgravia on Binge

Watch Mary and George on Binge

Watch The Serpent Queen on Stan

If you love the vibrant costumes and sets


Another aspect of Bridgerton’s design is its vivid use of colour – the flowers, the costumes and the sets are stunning. There are not too many shows that do all of these well – Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age and Sandition all showcase the type of gorgeous design that Bridgerton does so effortlessly well.

Watch Downton Abbey on Binge

Watch The Gilded Age on Paramount +

Watch Sanditon on Binge

If you love your historical romance with a splash of modern diversity


While diversity, including featuring characters from different backgrounds, is explored on Bridgerton, shows like Dickinson and Gentleman Jack have gone one step further and also include LGBTIQA main characters and storylines.

Watch Dickinson on Apple TV

Watch Gentleman Jack on Binge

If you adore gossip and scandal


Lady Whistledown may be the gossip queen for right now, but she was not the first. The identity of Gossip Girl was a mystery for years and guess what reader? To this day I still am unaware of who they really are. Lady Whistledown, however, has been unmasked … or has she?

Watch Gossip Girl on 9Now, Netflix or Stan

If you want *spice*


Last but not least, Bridgerton is the home of frothy sexy romance. It put marriages of convenience on notice and gave period drama’s stuffy sex scenes a revamp. Shows like The Buccaneers, The Empress, Reign and Outlander paved the way for spicy content and continue to excite fans.

Watch The Buccaneers on Apple TV

Watch The Empress on Netflix

Watch Reign on Stan

Watch Outlander on Netflix

Not interested in any of these shows?

Check out some Regency Romance reads instead!

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